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2/27/14 4:03 P

I know that you contacted myself and Coach Jen and have the answer to your question.
But I also wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sparkpeople does value your input on ways to improve the resources provided.
Your SP Registered Dietitian

2/26/14 6:29 P

I have decided to connect my Fitness & Nutrition Trackers and have been very well pleased so far!

My question is, if I am having to eat an extra 400 calories daily, why is it the carbs & fats number has remained the same?

I don't understand why ONLY the calories number has changed - all others are "status quo" on the limits.

Is there a reason for this or was it an oversight?
Thanks emoticon emoticon

***** Just in case someone happens on this post, the answer was the Nutrition Tracker cannot be changed. This is the way it was set up and it won't account for eating more calories. They feel the ranges are broad enough.

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