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6/6/11 3:21 P


I get very bloated if I suddenly eat carbs like bread. I dont normally eat it and I get a visible swollen tummy when I do.

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6/6/11 12:52 P

Excellent point, Sparkbirdy. When you eat low-carb, it is recommended that you actually INCREASE your salt consumption. The low-carbers who go for less than 10% of calories from carbs sometime even drink extra chicken broth just to get a little extra salt! So, I bet it isn't the salt alone that is causing the bloating. It may be the combination of wheat and salt in the pizza, however.

This has actually been a hard one for me, since I grew up in a household where we didn't have a salt shaker and we always cut the salt in recipes by half. Just like it has taken me time to actually believe that fat ins't bad for me, I have to remind myself to add salt to my food. Funny how I start increasing my fat and salt intake and it helps me lose 110 lbs and lets me ride my bicycle without it hurting anymore! For that, I am willing to go without the pizza.

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6/6/11 12:47 P

To RedStrwberry95

The safest, most realist low-carb diet that I know of is South Beach. Provides a good balance and is realitively easy to follow.

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6/6/11 12:39 P

Going low-carb causes us to retain less water in several ways. First, the method that Bearclaw mentions, which is also typical of other weight-reduction methods, is a big reason. Another thing that happens with low-carb diets is that people often experience a healthy reduction in circulating insulin and blood sugar. High insulin causes our kidneys to retain salt, so people on low-carb diets oftentimes will experience a dramatic reduction in water and blood pressure. This effect is often interpreted as a negative by anti-low-carb advocates, and it can be a problem if people are also on blood sugar or blood pressure medications. But, it is not a negative aspect of the diet, it is actually a positive, it just needs to be managed correctly.
When I went lower carb, I quit worrying about salt in my food because I was no longer salt sensitive. In addition, others who monitor glucose report that their glucose levels remain high after eating any kind of wheat, much higher than just the carb content would predict. Now it might be due to other factors in wheat other than just the carbs. An allergy or sensitivity or something. But I do know that when I do eat a bit of wheat, especially in the morning, I pay for it in cravings and extra hunger. If I eat lots of carbs at a time, I pay for it in lingering salt sensitivity, aches and pains and weight gain. I do know that when I eat a normal amount of carbs and just ditch the wheat, I can lose 6-8 lb in a week with no other changes. If there is an allergy to wheat or something else, that causes an inflammatory response that can also cause water retention.
I can eat a bunch of bacon or a container of olives, and as long as I keep the carbs away, I just drink more water and get rid of all the extra salt really fast. But if I eat pepperoni pizza with olives, I'll wake up the next day with aches and pains and extra weight.

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6/6/11 10:36 A

It was probably not the carbs that caused the retention but the sodium in the pizza. Restaurant and fast foods are loaded with sodium.

6/6/11 10:15 A

BEARCLAW6: I would like to try low carb, do you have any suggestions to where i should start? How many carbs should i eat a day? Thanks!

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6/6/11 10:13 A

Could be the salt in the pizza that caused water retention.

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6/6/11 9:30 A

You consume 40% of your calories from carbohydrates. I am not sure that is low enough (it might be) to deplete your glycogen stores. One thing I do know is that if you do deplete your glycogen (stored carbs) that you also lose a lot of water. A low-carb diet is also naturally a diuretic diet and this can sometimes reduce lower-body swelling and blood pressure. I lost 8 lbs the first week I started eating low carb and most of that was water. It could be the carb that did this to you. I could also be a bad reaction to the specific foods you ate. Do you know how your body reacts to gluten (a protein in wheat)? It could also be that you don't tolerate wheat very well.

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6/6/11 8:52 A

I usually avoid breads and try to get my carbohydrates from fresh fruits and vegetables.

On Saturday my hubby made me a carb loaded belated Mother's Day breakfast in bed (thank you hubby) and then we treated ourselves to Dominoes Pizza, thin crust for me.

The next day I woke up and my whole body was swollen! I could not believe how puffy I was all over. I went back to avoiding breads Sunday and today I woke up and most of the bloat is gone!

Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

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