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3/24/12 10:40 A

yes, net carbs is all carbs - fiber. This will tell you how much it is affecting you blood sugars.

I don't suntract sugar alcohols, but some people do.

By eating high fiber foods, you can have more carbs.
Example.. 1 can of tomatoes(14.5 ozs. ) is 87.5 calories, 17.5 carbs - 3.5 fiber = 14 net carbs.
The same size can of green beans is 70 calories, 14 carbs - 7 fiber = 7 net carbs

Both are 3.5 servings, and are close in calories, but theoretically, you could have 2 cans of green beans with the same effect on your blood sugar.. but most people just enjoy 3.5 servings of vegetables, with 1/2 the net carbs. Plus you save 17.5 calories.

I think if you look up high fiber foods, and low glycemic foods, you will find a lot of food to eat that doesn't send your blood sugars soaring, but gives you plenty of variety.

GEEKLING Posts: 601
3/24/12 4:56 A

If you are paying attention to your carb intake, to for example manage diabetes. By following a glycemic index or low-carb kind of diet. That's pretty much how you count your carbs.
Looking at the number you get subtracting the fibre from the total carbohydrate.

On SP, if that is something you want to track. You can add 'Carbs (for low-carb diet)' to your tracker as an additional nutrient to track. To get your number for carbs-minus-fibre.

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3/24/12 1:08 A

Fruit is our simple sugar
Veggies are our fiber carbhohydrates
Ryebread, rice, potato and pasta are our complex carbs..

The insoluable roughage is what slows our stomach processing our food too fast and keeps our intestines cleansed on the way out..

We should not use cleanses or detox because if the body gets the correct foods- it is already doing this process 100%.. Commercialism does alot of dumb crap to alot of peoples heads.. Smoothies also fit into this catagory- it is taking the stomachs prime job away from working fiber so it is harder for the stomach to get to the micronutrients.
It only takes one idiot these days sad sorry and hundreds of people mimic him- whether there is medical research or not- people want quick fixes..

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ELENGIL Posts: 957
3/23/12 10:26 P

Because fiber is a... carbohydrate. It's a *good* one, though. Just like some fats are *good* fats, and some cholesterol is *good* cholesterol. Fiber is a carbohydrate. It's just the one you want over sugar.

I'd suggest that as long as you're eating a good balance of fiber and staying within your carbohydrate range, you shouldn't have to worry about it (provided you don't have a medical condition.) Your body *needs* a certain amount of carbohydrates, so don't think that eating 1 gram of non-fiber carb is going to instantly become fat. Keep within your nutrition ranges and you'll be fine.

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3/23/12 10:12 P

Why is fiber listed as a carbohydrate? I always thought about fiber as being roughage that wasn't digested. When I see the total carbs in a product, and the fiber is quite high (for instance black beans) how does that affect the total carbs in my body? Do I deduct the fiber grams from the total to get a better idea what could be turning into glucose and then fat? Or does soluble fiber turn into glucose, too?

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