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1/30/12 10:02 A

The trick with kids is to appeal to their taste buds while bulking up on nutrition. If they feel deprived, they'll find a way to get carbs.'s the type of "tricky substitution" I mean. If your son likes pasta, then serve a whole grain version. Hide some veggies in the sauce...finely diced zuchinni (for example) can be sauteed with your aromatics and no one will be the wiser but the "healthy factor" will go way up. You can also add 2 T per person of canned pumpkin (a full serving) to a thick tomato-based sauce without changing the taste or texture too much.

If he likes veggies with cheese sauce, such as broccoli, offer the same veggie roasted or with a little parmesan on top with garlic salt.

Homemade pizza allows you to control the amount of cheese...and balance the toppings. My kids easily transitioned from Domino's to homemade margarita pizza (buffalo mozarella, fresh tomatoes & basil). Now they prefer it...and the same thing for stromboli (where you can hide more veggies like spinach).

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1/26/12 6:06 P

Thank you - I've been cooking loads of bread and potato meals and am trying to change our family diet but keep coming across recipes heavy on cheese which counteracts any good the vegetarian meals may be doing us. My son has been chunking up so really need to cut down for him.

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1/25/12 10:08 A

Veggies have carbs. You're not going to get carb FREE...but you can get low carb and healthy.

Try Veggie Chili or Ratatouille. Both are meat, cheese & dairy free. Both offer a good balance of healthy ingredients. However the chili will be higher in protein due to the beans.

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1/19/12 2:40 P

check out the Speghetti Squash Primivera on Sparks Recipes... very good, easy and close to carb free!

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1/19/12 11:11 A

huge LOW carb resource... carb free will be nearly impossible.

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1/14/12 7:49 P

- without cheese please:)

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