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I do the 4HB SCD (Slow Carb Diet) which includes a carb cycling aka cheat day once a week. During the days I follow the SCD, I consume primarily proteins, legumes and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts and a variety of greens. There are other veggies allowed and even tomatoes but I didn't have any of those this week. (I like them, I just didn't have any this week.) My typical day usually begins with a low carb protein drink to get my 30 grams of protein in within 30 minutes of waking. (It's hard for me to eat right away and I'm usually too busy to eat anything substantial until over an hour after I get up so I lean heavily on the convenience of the protein drink.) My lunch is usually something like a protein , (I choose leaner cuts that still have a little fat to them, fish, poultry or eggs), and a vegetable. If I'm feeling particularly hungry (which is rare on this eating plan!), I'll add in anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 cup of legumes to my meal. My dinner is the same and for a snack I might nibble on some raw almonds. I'll do that or maybe add in another scoop of protein drink if my calorie intake is too low for the day. I also drink copious quantities of water and have cut sugar free drinks out of my diet.

On my carb cycle day, it's an anything goes. The idea is to keep your body from cannibalizing itself and to keep your metabolism from slowing down to starvation mode since carbohydrates are a huge source of energy. I have found on my carb cycle days in the past (this is the 2nd time I've done this diet), that I am examining my choices for splurge eating a little more cautiously. I'm not supposed to deny myself but I don't go hog wild either. I start the day with my usual protein drink and then I might have some bread products (pizza, pancakes, rolls, etc.,), maybe a potato, some frozen yogurt (as opposed to full fat ice cream), fruit, popcorn, a little chocolate and maybe a few cookies or other baked goody with a tall glass of milk. I don't count calories, fat or even nutritional value.

I do find on post carb cycle days, the scale tends to show a moderate weight increase. I know I didn't consume the number of calories to quantify the weight gain on the scale. It's usually a result of water rentention from the carb bloating or the increase in salt and is gone with the first 2 days of the week. Sometimes, I get a surprise and find I drop weight. It just varies.

The carb cycle days help to make sure I stay on track during the week. It's not a super restrictive eating plan and does allow for more leeway (ie: if your body fat is less than 20% you can have carbs post workout!) than other diets. With the exception of the carb withdrawal headache and fatigue I experienced during the first week, I actually feel more energetic and I don't feel the "need" for the carbs like I did before. This style may not be for everyone but it does work for me. Oh, I don't take any special supplements either other than a multivitamin and calcium.

Sorry for the long post but I hope this helps answer your question.

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Body builders use carb cycling to gain muscle mass while preventing fat gain as much as possible (though this is not 100% successful, they still gain some fat). It also helps with cutting if you are already below 10% body fat. I think as a long term drastic fat loss tool, it is too much.

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I would need more info to answer your question--
Is this for bodybuilding, a sporting event, weight loss.
AND...what are you actually planning to do with your carb amounts daily??

Dietitian Becky

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1/12/13 9:55 P

I know someone who has had good success with this. check out for help with this. they have nice articles about this.

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Needlessly complicated.

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Has anyone tried a Carb Cycling diet? What's your opinion on a diet like this and what was your typical menus like? Thanks in advance!

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