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7/1/13 1:24 P

Regarding your calorie range and thyroid condition...
now you need to do a little experimenting on your own.

For 2 weeks stay at 1200-1300 calories daily.

For 2 weeks stay at the upper end, around 1400-1500.

What do you see happening with your weight loss each week. This will help you to hon in on your individualized calorie needs for weight loss.


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7/1/13 12:44 P

I'm sorry that you're going through a hard time, and I hope this problem passes and that everything goes very well, very quickly. My thoughts are with you, your dad, and your family.

I hope this helps, and this is something I'm using now with my own weight loss struggle. I bought a little notebook and wrote down a bunch of reasons why I want to lose weight. Actually, I got very into it and wrote down over 50 reasons. Who knew there even were that many? When I want to eat junk or feel that I don't want to hold myself accountable for eating something I know is a binge-trigger for me, I go back and read these reasons. (I'll give you some examples in case you're not in the mood or wish to do this and have a hard time getting started.) I want to stop worrying about weight limits on things... I want to know that I can fit anywhere, including in booths at restaurants or on rollercoaster rides. I want to be able to run a mile without stopping. I want to stop using my weight as an excuse for not doing things. I want to be more confident. I want to have an easier time making friends - I'm terrified to try and meet people because I think they'll judge my weight and/or hurt my feelings. I want to stop feeling sorry for myself. I want to look in the mirror and be proud of the way I look.

I also have a list of things that make me feel good. I, too, am an emotional eater, and having a list of things I can do other than eating to make myself feel good really helps. For instance, I can put on my feel-good music playlist or watch a funny show or movie. That takes my mind off of my problem for a while.

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7/1/13 12:10 P

I highly recommend a little book called Cook This! Not That!

You can find it on Amazon. It's got easy cooking techniques and tons of ways to add flavor to foods. The meals they cook are 350 calories or aprox. Super easy and really delicious!

I'm sorry your dad is sick. I had trouble when my Mom was sick. It's hard to make time for your own health, but it is important. Treat yourself with kindness.

7/1/13 10:59 A

Hi all. I have thyroid problems. It don't take to much for me to gain weight. What I want to know is 1200-1500 calorie intake to much to take in when having thyroid problems. I don't work I'm retired.
I've been trying to walk 3 miles per day. Can you give some advice on this please. Thank you.

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6/30/13 8:20 A

if you can't keep it up for more than a day or two, you're changing too many things too much. you don't have to eat perfectly healthy from day one. your only goal should be to be doing a little better than you were last week. small, gradual changes tend to be the ones that actually stick. it takes longer to get them into place [it can take six weeks to change just one habit], but once you take the time to actually change stuff you actually have to make an effort to change it back rather than just falling off into what you usually do.
if your marinated chicken breast taste bland, then my guess is that you aren't marinading them in the right thing. are you using spices? are you using enough of said spices? are you eating them plain or having a flavorful side with them. people who like chicken seem to love the spark slow cooker salsa chicken recipe, so that might be a place to start. what other flavors do you like? garlic? perhaps you could roast up a head of garlic, sautee up some greens like collards, mix in the roasted garlic and your bland chicken into the collards and enjoy that. and if you need some spice, adding some peppers [either fresh jalapeno or a dry spice like cayenne] would give you another flavor boost. you could also do a sage and brown butter sauce to drizzle over your plain chicken. or mushrooms and red wine. or peppercorns and cream. so make whatever sauce you used to love on chicken, just make a half batch and use it a little more sparingly than you used to.
what do you usually eat when you are off the wagon? what do you try and eat when you are on the wagon? if you would usually have sausage and eggs but are trying to switch to yogurt and museli, that might be too much for you. have sausage and eggs, but use a little less sausage and add some peppers, greens or broccoli to the eggs. if you would have a donut, try a bagel with cheese and maybe a piece of fruit.
if you share your old meals that you think need to be revamped, you can get some great suggestions for ways to revamp them or what other people who like those same types of things switched to.

6/29/13 4:37 P

I would first suggest that you remove all the unhealthy foods from your home and stock up on healthier options. If you are hungrier from morning through afternoon, then eat a more healthy diet at those times. I see many highly processed, restaurant purchased foods which are providing your body with calories but little nutritional benefit. Or if you do continue to use these foods---then add on plenty of fruits and veggies to your selections.

If the stress builds throughout the day and you find yourself not hungry for an evening meal---then you may need to find ways to detress at those times to lower the emotional stress. Perhaps go for a walk, practice medication, read, take a bath, talk to a close friend. If this is really impacting your health then you may ask yourself..."do I need to work with a counselor on this?" Is there a support group in your community or at your local hospital to help? Difficult times are a part of life. Can you surround yourself with people who truly care and can help you to deal with the situation. This can be family, friends, professional counselor, support group, religious leader, journaling, (even connecting with a Sparkteam) etc.

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6/29/13 4:27 P

Sorry.. I do eat.. I do good for breakfast and lunch and track those.. then I eat horrible for dinner because of food not tasting good and then I dont track that because it makes me go over my calories.

6/29/13 3:59 P

I am somewhat confused by your posted.
Initally I thought you were having trouble staying within your weight loss calorie range for more than 1-2 days---and were eating too many calories the other days.

Then later in your make it sound like food is not tasting good and you are not eating. say your eating is "out of control", yet when I look at your nutrition tracker I only see daily intakes of 901, 605, and 879 calories. These calorie intakes (and your protein intake) are dangerously low.

Can you share more of what is actually happening???

SP Registered Dietitian

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6/29/13 2:21 P

I have been trying to get on track and stay on track for a couple weeks.. I do good for a day or two and then stray off track. I have been having alot of stress with some family drama ( my dad is sick) and I am an emotional eater.. I just dont know how to make myself stay on track.. I get sick of food and nothing taste good.. even good marinated chicken breast tastes bland and I just dont know what to do. I need some major help and I dont know where to turn to or what to do. I am going to look through some meal plans and menus on here but I dont know what to do and I am out of control. Also, we have been going on alot of trips.. mostly camping and that doesnt help.. I went to vegas a month ago and lost 1 lb while at vegas.. then fell of track and cant get back on.. HELP!!

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