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10/29/11 12:00 P

Yes I did have that in mind also was keeping an eye on that too but now change in measurements. I am going to try eating more starting this week thanx so much for the info :)

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10/28/11 10:58 P

1500 cals and 45 minutes a day could be too low for your current weight - as counter-intuitive as it is, perhaps you need to eat more. If you try it, you'd have to give it a go for 4-6 weeks. I recently spent 5 weeks not losing anything while eating at my appropriate level (after two months of all you can eat buffet style food at a language program) and it took my body that long to adjust and start dropping the pounds.

Also, keep track of your measurements. Even when we're not losing "weight" we could be losing inches - and that's what we're here to do, after all, is lose the fat, not the weight. If you keep in mind that they can be different things, you'll see other changes.

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10/28/11 8:03 P

I eat the same thing everyday I try to stay under 1500 a day. Though been haven't more and more hot tea since its getting colder now so I'm wondering if my sugar intake....I was just curious if I could gain weight if I am not eating enough. I exercise about 45 about a day logging it into sparkpeople is not accurate cuz what it says and what my equip says are two diff things.

Thank you for getting back to me have a great night!

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10/28/11 7:51 P


It's hard to say with all certainty. I looked at your shared trackers and could only see that you shared your fitness tracker. It could be that you are not eating enough, but it also could be that you need to up the number of minutes you are exercising to an hour 5 days a week, in addition to adding in a weight training (via body weight exercises, resistance bands, or free weights) component which will help build lean body mass which over time will raise your resting metabolic rate.

Coach Nancy

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10/28/11 7:46 P

For awhile now I have been stuck at the weight I'm at. I even went and bought a weighted vest switch up my exercise. If I end up losing a pound or two it comes right back by end of week. I am logging all my food and exercise been under my calorie intake often could this be the prob. I exercise everyday and eat a salad for lunch everyday faithfully this used to work for a year or so ago for me but I'm seeing no results now and getting really annoyed. HELP!!

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