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MEMEME75 Posts: 658
1/25/12 9:19 A

Frozen fruit is also an option.

CINNAMONCAT9 SparkPoints: (7,942)
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1/25/12 9:12 A

Canned fruit is, for me, similar to dried fruit: a very sweet sub for the real thing. If you can can or dry your own, it is better.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/25/12 8:58 A

Agreed with canned being better than nothing. Where I live, canned fruit is always more expensive than fresh, but there are still times when canned fruit is a good backup option. I just buy it packed in juice.

I can't get my favorites year-round for a cost I'm willing to pay, but there are always cheaper options. Fresh bananas are always cheap, and there is usually at least one kind of apple on sale. Canteloupe tends not to be very expensive. Depending on the time of year, clementines and berries are my usual additions. Stone fruits are super cheap in the summertime, at least around here. Frozen fruit works, too. It's not usually cheap-cheap, but it can be a more cost-effective option for off-season items.

Personally, I eat a piece or two of fruit every day. If I had to swap the fresh stuff for canned, I don't think I'd eat that much of it. I do like some canned fruit, sometimes, but even if it's packed in juice, it's a lot lower in fiber since it's usually skinned.

LULU8278 Posts: 313
1/25/12 8:46 A

Susan, depending upon where a person lives - canned could be more economical at times.

I second trying to get canned pack in fruit juice, or light syrup if fruit juice packed isn't an option. I say canned fruit is better than no fruit!

1/25/12 8:45 A

I agree that fresh fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, and anything that's in season or on sale is likely much cheaper per serving that canned fruit. If you have access to an Aldi store check them out. Their prices on produce are most always lower than sale prices at other stores.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
1/25/12 8:37 A

Is canned fruit really that much less expensive per ounce than fresh fruit in season? I'd double check, because my sense is the more processed the food is the more it costs.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,898
1/25/12 6:52 A

It's not a bad choice, but only buy the fruit that's packed in 100% juice. Skip anything that's in heavy syrup.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/25/12 6:47 A

Hi, I was wondering if can fruit is a bad idea because of the heavily sugar coated juice? I am a full time college student and on a tight budget when buying fresh fruit. Of course I would love to buy all fresh but with the prices sky rocketing, I am left with canned fruit. I heard a personal trainer say it's okay as long as you wash the juice off the fruit but I am still a little skeptical. Is canned fruit a bad choice?

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