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5/9/13 10:29 P

Don't start trying to add in more fruits if you are allergic! Talk to your allergist about desensitization but don't risk your life. Eating something you are allergic to in order to try and be healthier doesn't make sense.

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5/9/13 10:12 P

Yes, I have seen an allergist and it is fruit, not the chemicals. No I am not alergic to vegetables, although there are not many that I care for. As I am getting older though my vegetable likes are getting broader. Thanks for the tip on microwaving vegetables. I would try it, but do not own a microwave. I was thinking maybe smoothie style? Mix with something like almond milk, or coconut milk, maybe it won't affect me so much. I will have to do some experimenting. Any other ideas or good recipes for cooked fruit would be appreciated.

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ANARIE Posts: 13,200
5/9/13 10:58 A

If you can eat veggies, you actually don't "need" fruits. Any nutrients you get from fruits are available in veggies, though the reverse isn't true.

Talk to your allergist about getting balance and nutrients. Some people are allergic to some very delicate compounds that are easily destroyed by heat, and all they have to do is microwave the fruit for a few seconds until it's barely warm. Others can't eat it under any circumstances. A good allergist will be able to tell you what kind of allergies you have and whether there's any safe way to eat those foods.

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5/9/13 10:56 A

Do you know 100% if you are actually allergic to fruit, or can it be the chemicals they use on them? Maybe growing your own may be the trick. I don't always believe organic and pesticide free signs. Is is just citrus fruits? I see you can eat lettuce so try kale and spinach they are really good.

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5/9/13 10:37 A

That sucks! So sorry to hear that! I couldn't live without my fruit binges every day!

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5/9/13 9:52 A

Are you allergic to vegetables as well? Vegetables are a great source of nutrients and fiber...just not sweet generally.

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5/9/13 9:24 A

I am allergic to all fruits. I know that you are supposed to get a certain amount of fruit intake in a day, but for me I have not found a way to do that. I have tried dried fruits, canned fruit, fresh fruit, I get the same reaction all the time. There are a few fruits I can eat in moderation, but not more than say 1/2 an apple or banana a day. Does anyone have any suggestions on recipes or ways to get the fruit I need?

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,485
1/23/13 2:04 P

I had allergies to raw fruit as a kid. My lips would swell and the back of my throat would get very itchy. At first we thought it was just the rind/skin of the fruit...especially with peaches, but it happened with the flesh of the fruit as well....unless the fruit was dried, cooked or canned. It did not happen with bananas, melons, or just the flesh of the citrus fruits. In my early twenties, I was determined to try introducing fresh fruit into my diet ... little by little.

today I think it was the pesticides they used then.

I would ask if you've ever had the same reaction with organic fruit.

check out this website for great info on fruit/.vegetable allergies

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1/23/13 12:46 P

Have you ever been tested for allergies ? If not, go to your doctor and get tested. Find out which fruits and veggies you are allergic to.

How are you with dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, chard, collards, arugula ? Baby spinach is wonderful in salads. What about other veggies like garlic, onions, scallions, peppers, cabbage, tomatoes ? I have known people who were allergic tomatoes.

If you find yourself limited to veggies because of the hives, then eat more of the ones that don't make you break out. There are different varieties of apples. And there are pears, kiwis, nectarines, peaches, plums and bananas.

SWIMOM Posts: 366
1/23/13 12:40 P

Does anyone else have allergies to fresh fruits and vegetables? I'm always trying to get the amount in but, it's so darned hard to without ending up in hives. It's such a bummer to have to limit the choices and amounts I can eat from day to day. Raw carrots, lettuces and apples....that's about all I can eat on a daily basis without much of a problem. I'd commit a crime just to eat a fresh orange right about now emoticon

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