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11/16/11 1:40 A

Agree with Becky 100% on this one on all points. Also with yeast infections below the belt avoid using all forms of soap- soap strips the normal PH value and opens the door to infections.. Water and one time cloths are adquate to avoid damaging good PH value.
Cranberry juice can also make urine so sour bacteria can't live in it.. The elderly whom have sunken bladders are usually in no shape and can be actually terrified to be operated on for the sunken bladder issue, so in the resthome industry we feed them cranberry juice instead of repeat and repeat pencillin cures that can't combat the actual "residue urine" that makes infections.. Pencillin cures can also kill off the good bacteria in the intestines remember to ask the doctor about effects from pencillin cures as to avoid diarea problems -eating dairy products made with decent bacteria cultures can also help restore balance in the intestines also..

Avoid eating a high sugar diet, white flour and processed foods everywhere possible makes it difficult for this unpleasant bacteria to take over.. This bacteria is normally found in the body and how much sugar and crap you eat determines repeat problems.. If it is a repeat and repeat problem time to remove stuff no matter how much you love it.. We really need pencillin cures for the nasty stuff that can attack our body, if we use pencillin all the time- when something really terrible turns up pencillin can be made useless..

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11/15/11 8:33 P

If you're unhappy with your conventional doctor, I would highly recommend seeing a naturopathic physician (ND) instead.

11/15/11 3:42 P

be prepared for the possibility of it taking more than 3 mos, too. I hate to say it but it's true. You never completely eradicate yeast. It's always there...there's just a balance that the body needs to maintain. If your body is prone to an imbalance it may be a recurring issue.

My yeast issues were in the GI tract. I am now aware of the root cause (gluten intolerance...probable, yet unconfirmed, celiac disease) and despite being gluten-free, grain-free and sugar-free for years I still wouldn't say things are 100% where they should be. I'd say 90%, which I'm ok with. But I know if I reintroduced gluten-free grains or sugar it wouldn't take long for an imbalance to return. Been there, done that. Trying to reincorporate those foods is just no longer worth it to me.

11/15/11 1:20 P

Upon more research I found out that my '15-day Cleanse' is actually a 3-mth Cleanse and I have needed to make substantial changes to my daily diet as well. I have not consulted my Doctor in regards to this cleanse as she has only ever prescribed me Monistat for my Yeast Infections even though I have been telling her for years THEY DON'T WORK! Anyways I have completed the first 15-day cleanse and now am taking a week of in between cleanses. I am already at a healthy weight so weight loss is not a concern or a goal of mine I simply do not want to have chronic yeast infections anymore, as they have plagued me for y entire adult life. My Husband and Mother both are very strongly urging me to see a Gyno and I plan to try to get an appt with one, however by the time I actually get in for my appt I will most likely be done my 3 month cleanse anyways.

Feeling good and symptoms are abating! YAY!

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11/1/11 2:11 P

I followed "The Bible Cure for Candida & Yeast Infections" by Dr. Don Colber, for almost a year. I lost 55 lbs in the first three months and I ate a lot of food. The diet, itself, is very restrictive, but after the first week, I didn't miss those foods at all and I began to feel so much better and the bloating went away. You can find the book online at To help you on your way, this is a very good salad dressing from that book:

A Bible Cure Recipe
for a really good salad dressing
(taken from The Bible Cure for Candida & Yeast Infections by Don Colbert, MD.)

2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
1 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
(or apple cider vinegar if you have no
Symptoms with it)
1 Tbsp purified water
1 tsp tarragon
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp parsley flakes
Dash of pepper
Dash of salt
2-3 drops Stevia (sweeten to taste)
Shake in cruet or jar. Pour over salad.

Hope this helps! Come on ... " emoticon "

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11/1/11 1:17 P

I can't tell if this is something you've self-diagnosed/prescribed or not but if it is I urge you to get your Dr involved. That's not to say you don't know your body but as someone who has dealt with systemic candida overgrowth (confirmed through testing) I can share that in my experience it was not something that could have been fixed with a 15 day dietary change. There may also be underlying medical reasons that would explain why you're even susceptible to a candida overgrowth in the first place.

11/1/11 12:44 P

Are you suffering from a yeast infection? Then please see your doctor for treatment.

These dietary Candida-cleasning programs have not been shown to be effective in the treatment or prevention of yeast infections. Most are scam diets and nutrition supplements.

Keeping your carbohydrate intake within a healthy range, and using nutrient dense carbohydrate foods in the appropriate amounts is important: whole grains, fruits, lowfat milk, yogut, beans, lentils, legumes. I agree that everyone would benefit from decreasing added sugars in the diet and decreasing one's intake of highly processed foods.

But realize that there is little to no truth in the health or weight loss claims being made by this 15 day Candida cleanse.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

11/1/11 8:25 A

Hi All,

So I have just started a 15 Day Candida-cleanse, after the 15-day period you are supposed to take a week off and then repeat the 15-day cleanse again. Because of my vegetarian diet I am having a hard time coming up with things to eat (I still eat eggs, but the diet suggestions for the cleanse recommends you lay of the sugars, including fruit, and heavy carbs) that pretty much leaves me with eggs and veggies to eat for 30 days.

Anyone have any good meal suggestions that stick with the Candida-diet recommendations?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated as it is only Day 1 and I am already feeling disgruntled about the prospect of doing this for 30 days.

Thanks! emoticon

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