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12/27/12 4:09 P

I wouldn't even mind gaining weight if it meant more definition. I just don't want to get "smaller" and have to go out and buy new clothes all over again. I am happy with my size, just got some jigglys here and there.

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12/27/12 3:14 P

Depends. If you have fat to lose, you might have an initial drop in weight/size. But if you want to stay the same size, you can add muscle while losing fat for a zero sum gain. You should check out some bodybuilding sites (like to get a program that you like. I'm not saying you should become a "bodybuilder," they just have tons of articles and programs for people that aren't looking to lose weight, but get toned instead.

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12/27/12 8:56 A

You can accomplish your goal. You will need to keep in mind that even if you eat at a caloric surplus and build muscle you may drop a jean size in the beginning. When you first start toning up your muscles they will become leaner and building mass takes time. But if you stick with the diet and exercise you will eventually build strong muscle and bone density. It just takes time and you have to stick with it.

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12/27/12 6:56 A

Burning fat is an all-body process, and you can't target where you lose weight from.

Yes, you can work and develop muscles without dropping body fat. In fact, it is extremely difficult to add muscle while running a calorie deficit to lose weight. So you should be aiming at balance or a small surplus in terms of calories.


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12/27/12 2:25 A

You can try building lean mass (muscle and bone) which will not really change your size all that much, may be slightly, but your weight will go up. You will have more muscle definition all over.

Building muscle involves challenging strength training and eating at a caloric surplus. If you control the surplus, you can manage to stay leaner, but inevitably there will be some fat stored along with the extra muscle built. But you can easily remove that extra fat through strength training plus eating at maintenance or a slight deficit.

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12/27/12 1:48 A

I am curious about this. I am not talking about losing weight, but toning up-tightening up.
I am interested in firming up my arms and tummy a little, but NOT interested in losing weight or going down a jean size. Is this even possible? I really don't want to be any lighter or smaller, just firmer if that makes sense.

-Jess :D

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