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KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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6/8/13 10:15 A

Absolutely!! I just measured yesterday, and I've lost about 4 inches all around, but I haven't seen much progress with the number on the scale. Don't get discouraged about that number! :)

AMYTHBE SparkPoints: (2,355)
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6/7/13 11:16 P

Yes, losing inches is really what matters too. I have a friend who is naturally very skinny. She said she would always feel awkward against other girls her size in high school, because although she was still just as skinny she was 5-10lbs heavier than them because of all the extracurricular sports she would do.
When I wake up in the mornings, I not only weigh myself, but measure my waist, hips, and thighs. These are the areas that are troublesome for me. I've lost about 6lbs since April, and right now I've hit a plateau... Buuut I've also lost 2 inches on the waist, 1.5 inches on the hips, and .5 inches on the thighs. So even though I get frustrated, I know I'm still making progress.
Also, make sure you keep track of your calories in calories out. If you're eating on the low end (1200-1300 cals a day) but you're burning more than 200 cals each day from exercise, your body could be trying to compensate by holding on to extra fat.
For example, on a workout day, I could burn anywhere from 300-500 calories. If I eat only 1200 calories a day, then that means my body is only getting 1100-700 calories! That's no good! The body will try to store whatever nutrients it can at that point to make up for the extra activity you're doing.
Also, I know that it is suggested to eat many mini meals throughout the day to maintain a high metabolism. But I've found that just leads me to over eating. If I eat a small meal, then all I can think about for the next few hours is what my next meal will be. So find what works for you on what times of day are best to eat also. For me early morning, and midday are best for biggest meals. While dinner/dessert stay small.

Whatever you do, don't give up! Small progress is still progress emoticon

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (576,996)
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6/7/13 10:10 P

You can definitely lose inches and not pounds!!!!

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
6/7/13 4:33 P

Oh, Sweetie, yes, you sure can. :) Muscle is more dense than fat. A pound is a pound, but you could very well exchange a pound of fat for a pound of muscle, and thus lose inches.

PLUGINALONG SparkPoints: (30,258)
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6/7/13 4:25 P

Yes, thankfully.

CHOCOLATELEA SparkPoints: (4,692)
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6/7/13 4:23 P


[Measurements are super-important to let you know how you're progressing.]

KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (138,662)
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6/7/13 4:21 P

That is absolutely possible. Here is a great article from our resources that you may benefit from.

Be well,

SALANT7896 SparkPoints: (76)
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6/7/13 3:48 P

Is it possible to lose inches without losing many pounds. I feel like I have been working my butt off and have only lost three pounds the last 4 weeks. I have been watching what I eat and drinking tons of water. Will my pounds eventually fall off? Please advise. Thanks.

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