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7/23/13 7:52 A

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7/22/13 9:45 P

Expiry dates are less about safety and more about quality; usually a sell-by date is not a "this will kill you after this day" warning.

HEre's a couple of articles that will help you make an informed decision about expired food:

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
7/22/13 8:43 P

The thing about canned food is that the date is already SO far from when it's canned! If it's expired, it's probably YEARS old.

I'm pretty un-picky about expiration dates in general; I use milk unless it smells bad, regardless of the date, and I have used yogurt months past the date if it was sealed. But even I won't use canned goods more than a month or so past the date. Most canned goods are so cheap, it's just not worth any risk.

Now, if it just expired a week or two ago and you can't easily replace it, that's okay-- as long as the can still looks perfect, something that expired this June wouldn't hurt you if you ate it today. But if you can get a fresh can, that would be better.

7/22/13 8:19 P

Better safe than sorry...pitch it.
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7/22/13 3:50 P

if it's not too far expired it may be safe to eat but the taste starts to decline the longer it sits.

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7/22/13 3:09 P

You can eat it. You may get sick though.

I have had milk 1-2 days after the date, and bread the same. Canned food tends to be okay a week or 2 after. You might want to open it and smell the food. They overestimate to be safe of course, so it may not be an issue.

However, why risk it? Is it that expensive to just replace it with food that isn't past the date? It is canned food, which is usually cheap, so the safest thing to do would be toss it. If it is a couple days past, you may want to try it, rather than waste it, but if you get sick and have to go see a doctor, that will be more expensive than a few new cans of food.

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7/22/13 2:46 P

If so how out dated can it be?

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