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12/10/10 9:35 P

You would have to eat nothing but whole grains to over do it if you are staying in your calorie range

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
12/10/10 2:18 P

While it's fine to include *some* white-flour products in your menu if you enjoy them, it's also perfectly healthy to completely shun them. There is nothing in in the 'white' food choices that is essential, that you'd be missing out on if you stick to whole grains.

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12/10/10 2:17 P

Yes...too much fiber leads to poor absorption of nutrients.

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12/10/10 1:45 P

I try to eat whole grains as much as possible, but not always. Cakes, pie crusts, pizza crusts, and some other baked goods can be heavy unless you use some white flour. But I do use the unbleached white flour instead of the bleached whenever possible.

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12/10/10 12:22 P

I don't think there is any reason at all to deliberately choose to cook white products. That's not a good idea.

Stick to the whole grain products!

But yes, you can get too many. It's very easy to get all your carbs from whole grains ... or fruit ... at the expense of non-starchy veggies and leafy greens.

And some of us gain weight if we eat too many whole grains/starchy carbs.

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12/10/10 10:55 A

If your staying with in your calorie range and eating a balanced diet then you wouldn't be eating too many whole grains.

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12/10/10 10:52 A

I eat it. Yes whole grain does provide more nutrients, but some of it is gross- brown rice! I don't sit down and ingest a whole loaf of white bread nor do I eat 2+ cups of regular pasta in a sitting. But there are those occasions when it sounds good and I'll have some. I prefer moderation vs food policing. I find most whole grain items are better in taste and texture, but there are those I wouldn't ever touch again.

You can have both and still have a healthy diet. As far as too much fiber- yes you can. Depending on the resource it is advised to not go over 40-45 grams daily. My average is 35-40 and 29 would be considered a low day for me. Getting too much fiber can actually make it hard if not impossible for the body to absorb nutrients through the intestinal tract.

12/10/10 10:12 A

There's nothing wrong with having white rice, white flour, white pasta, or white sugar in small-to-moderate amounts every once in a while. We're just saying that whole grain versions of pasta, rice, etc are better for you and more conducive to fat loss. You don't have to completely shut them out and never ever eat them again - you can still have them. Just in limited quantities.

Make sure you're getting your fresh veggies, good fats, fruit, and lean protein as well to balance everything out.

WYOTIFFANY85 Posts: 93
12/10/10 10:07 A

I was wondering if you could actually eat to many whole grains, and to much fiber? Since I started this change I really just shunned white anything. White bread, pasta, rice, everything! I guess I'm wondering if you could actually over do it and if you need to eat some white rice or pasta every once and a while?
Or just stick to the whole grain choices?

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