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6/29/10 6:22 A


Thanks for that info. I was just reading body building message boards and doing internet searches on the supplements people mentioned. Wasn't planning on buying anything until I found out more..even then I was skeptical....not looking to turn into a dude either!

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6/29/10 3:34 A

They don't work well for men, either. They can get acne, shrinkage of the testicles, liver damage, and oddly enough, breast growth (with an attendant risk of breast cancer.)

For women, it's flat-out dangerous. The artificial forms used as supplements have a history of causing breast cancer, usually a very aggressive form, and can just generally mess you up. In theory, it could also interfere with birth control, and if you should accidentally get pregnant, the excess testosterone could be very damaging to the fetus. If you're even briefly thinking about it, ask your OB-GYN first. S/he probably won't even have to say a word; the expression on her face will say it all. Either that, or she'll measure your natural levels and, if you're low and could benefit from a tiny bit more, she'll give you a prescription so you know you're getting the right dose and it's not contaminated.

In fact, you should think twice about whether you even want to be around people who are using it. It's a form of doping-- it's what got Floyd Landis stripped of his Tour de France win. If somebody is offering it to you, ask yourself what other shady stuff they might be involved in.

6/29/10 12:22 A

Deff NOT looking for anything like that. Haha thanks for the advise and answer to my question there. ;)

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6/29/10 12:19 A

They can--I know a number of transmen and butch ciswomen who take T recreationally, but it's not really a good idea unless you want a lot more secondary sexual characteristics than muscles. Your voice will change, you will grow facial hair, and it will probably affect your feminine reproductive organs. Not really a good idea unless you WANT all those side effects.

6/29/10 12:12 A

Looking to put on a bunch of muscle and cut/slim down. I heard testosterone supplements/boosters work well or men....can women take these too?

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