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5/10/14 8:09 P

I have known some heavy lifters who have done serious harm to themselves by using steroids while being on severely restricted diets existing on protein powders and supplements. Not only were they effectively sculpting and bulking up they were also endlessly hungry and angry. A good friend had to stop after his first of now many cardiac incidents and all his bulk has turned to fat as he is too frail to workout any more. He is only 56 years old and has had 5 heart attacks and 4 stents.

That being said I know many well built athletes that eat clean and do both strength and cardio and are very healthy and in great shape. They are lean and muscular and so for them I do not think that having too much muscle is a problem.

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5/9/14 7:06 P

This is not a scientific survey of course but the people I've known who are really bulked up are on steroids. I have read that those cause heart problems.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,457
5/9/14 7:04 P

Most people who are seriously "bulked up" have taken steroids to get that way. And I suspect that long term steroid use has gotta be bad for your health.


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5/9/14 2:03 P

Some of their heart problems could be a result of their diet, not their body building routine.

I have a couple of friends who are body builders and when they are getting ready for a show, they drop their carbohydrates down to the metaphoric equivalent of a Dixie cup worth of brown rice a day.

Dropping your carbohydrate intake so low combined with the dehydration to get their muscle fibers to pop, can not be good for their internal organs especially their hearts. And yet, I know that it is common amongst body builders to eat staggering amounts of protein (lean protein and protein shakes) and very few carbs when preparing for a show.

A few years ago, I took a nutrition seminar. The dietitian who was giving the lecture told us about his days when he was an athlete in college playing football/baseball. As an experiment, he decided to see how long he could last without carbs. he only ate protein and fat. No bread. No pasta. No rice. No veggies. No fruit. Just lots of eggs, steaks, chicken, pork and maybe some fish.

He said that he lasted two weeks before he got violently ill and had to go to the doctor. It took a year for his body to recover from that experiment. that's how screwed up his metabolism became.

So, I wonder if the reason these body builders have heart problems is because of their diet.

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5/9/14 12:47 P

they likely have heart problems because of the lack of cardio, since cardio improves heart health.

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5/9/14 12:46 P

I have seen many people that I know, who have been big with weights, end up with heart problems. It is the heavily muscled friends that make me wonder if too much muscle is as bad as having too much fat. I have been mostly cardio during my workout life without building much muscle at all. My more muscled friends admit that do not do any cardio at all. But we all thought that they would never have problems.

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