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One thing you can talk about the 10,000 step challenge. Most fitness and health experts recommend that a person walks 10,000 steps per day for exercise. 10,000 steps (depending on height) works out to roughly 5 miles. That's how sedentary Americans have become recently. We don't walk as much as our grandparents did. These days, everyone drives everywhere. Why walk to the corner store to get some milk when you can drive ?

Why not talk about ways your students can become more active and walking more is one great way.

10,000 steps may seem like a lot to a 6th grader. Of course, I'm sure your grandfather would tell you how they had to walk TEN MILES carrying a bag of coal on their shoulders every day to school. LOL !!! So, why not put them in the gym and have them walk around until they reach 1,000 steps. That would be a half a mile. If that seems like too much, then have them try 500 steps for a quarter of a mile.

Counting their steps will show them how active or inactive their days really are. What are other good pedometer lessons ? How about doing a jump rope challenge ? jumping up and down with a jump rope is another way to get "steps". See how many times they can jump a rope in one minute. Jumping rope is another great cardiovascular exercise where you can count steps/jumps with a pedometer. Is it accurate ? Honestly, how accurate do you have to be for a 6th grader ?

What counts is that they learn to be more active. What counts is how exercise like walking can be fun. AND... why not have them write raps for their walks ? One thing you might do is get some cool music. You'll find that music is motivating. When people listen to music they enjoy, they respond to that music. Find some songs with a good beat. Then have your students walk to that beat. Try Jusin Bieber. he's right for that age group and well, he's got a decent beat to walk to.

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Just talking about what being healthy is and means and some of the myths out there about being healthy and manic exercise to lose weight should take up the first 5-10 minutes anyway.

Then you can talk about the various pieces of measuring equpiment that people can use to track different types of fitness and explain that you have pedometers to try today, and what they do.

Ask the girls to take their own heart rate for 30 seconds and double it, while sitting still. Get numbers from all and write them up on a board. You should see a reasonable variation. Ask them what this means - does it tell them that sometimes not every piece of advice is necessarily going to apply to every person? Ask them to predict what they think their HR will get up to while walking.

You may not have time to let them all try it. You'd want to have each girl use it for a solid 3 minutes or more to actually get a change in HR that'll show them anything useful. Walking or running around in a circle simply isn't long enough to talk about HR.

You can get them to work out how long a set distance is - maybe see if the school has a measuring wheel. Then work out how many of that distance makes one mile. Then have the girls wear the pedometer and walk the distance and check their steps number. Have them calculate how many steps are in a mile then.

Talk about the 10,000 as a daily goal, and ask them whether they think that should be with, or outside of, exercise. There's no right or wrong here, but it could be a stimulating discussion.

I absolutely love the bag of chips thing! Do the pedo's you have do calorie burn? If not, you can use an estimate that most people do burn 100 calories per mile. Then compare the snacks calorie values with those sorts of distances, using the pre-measured area from before, eg "You would have to walk back and forth on that court for 37 times just to earn this small candy bar" or whatever it comes out to. Ask them if they think that is worth the candy bar!

Talk about how it's FAR easier to not eat that candy bar than it is to walk that distance 37 times! This is your lead-in to talk about how if they do want to keep an eye on their weight in future, that their best bet is to just watch food. If they choose to have less of those kind of snacks they'll 'save' 100's of calories much easier than if they go out and burn the same number with walking.

Honestly, I can't imagine doing this in under 40 minutes!! Hope I have given you some ideas to get started! Have fun!

Oh, try to emphasise one thing - WEIGHT IS NOT VALUE. Heavyset people are not 'bad people' and nobody should feel that they have to lose weight "for other people". Let them know that if they feel unhappy with their weight personally, they should do some research about healthy weights for their height and age and how to start slimming, but that weight is only "the effect of gravity on your body" and no indication of how much they're worth as a person. If they feel worthless now, for example, losing some weight probably won't change that (and would make them feel worse because now there's guilt "I lose weight so why aren't I happy now, what's wrong with me?")

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The school I work in is having an afternoon focused on health and taking care of our bodies. I was asked to do a 40 minute interactive lesson with some of the 6,7,8 grade girls (some from each class). I was given 2 pedometers, only one which tracks heart rate and distance. I don't mind buying one or two more if necessary.
I was told it's going to be next Thursday, but it's this week and I can't figure out how to make this informative and entertaining.
After googling some things I came up with having 2 girls run around the room once and have the audience guess how many steps (in teams? track points?). Another idea was to line up some snacks like a bag of chips, can of soda, etc and see how many steps are needed to add up to that amount of calories.
Don't know what to do for 40 minutes!! HELP!

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