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10/25/12 12:02 P

OMG, that article is the first piece of info that actually makes sense!
Thank you a million times!

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10/25/12 9:02 A

Unfortunately you are using "weight loss" principles that are not intended for exclusively breastfeeding moms. In addition, you are trying to take on many tasks for you (which is great and important) while also learning to be the mother of four and recover from pregnancy and delivery. SparkPeople can help you grow into more and more healthy habits as you move through a healthy lifestyle change but starting with the Fast Break, picking a couple goals and taking it slow will be important.

It is also important to eat enough to support breastfeeding. This article will be very helpful. You will also want to adjust your Spark program for breastfeeding by setting it up for weight maintenance then adding 300 additional calories (that you needed for pregnancy) to each end PLUS another 200 calories for breastfeeding. This article will explain why.

Getting Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Weight While Breastfeeding

Pick one other area (tracking, journaling, exercise) to work on with your eating for the next few weeks and see how things go with just to goals you are focusing on. After a few weeks of fitting those into your busy life, add another for a couple weeks.

Coach Tanya

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10/24/12 7:31 P

Dear Mama3Many1,

My approach was like yours, a complete immersion into the healthy lifestyle. A make-over to establish healthy choices and self-mastery. emoticon

I am your same height and started at 185 pounds , it took me a year to lose those extra 50 some pounds. It was a good rate of loss that allowed my skin to tone and tighten as I lost. I also learned a lot about patience and perseverance while I ingrained healthy choices.

I did a web search on calorie needs for nursing women and this sounded like the average answer...
"Pregnancy and breastfeeding increase the
need for calories and most nutrients. A
women who is pregnant or breastfeeding
needs to eat 300 more calories to provide the
extra energy thebodyneeds.Remember,this
is not a lot of food.

I have found in my 9 years of maintaining that around 1350 calories a day is what keeps my weight at healthy BMI. I average an hour of cardio in the form of brisk Kangoo Jump walks and road biking every day.

With our (5' 4" women) suggested calorie range is 1200 to 1500 per day it seems like your correct range while nursing would be more like 1500 to 1800 a day. We are all unique and maybe more calories is what works for you but 2400 seems high to me. Do track no matter what the number comes out to per day as this is how you can guage how you need to adjust for you.

Blessings to your new baby! emoticon

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10/24/12 6:40 P

You are really jumping in with both feet. I think you have sized the situation up and realize that you are expecting TOO much TOO soon. I love your solution and think it is a wonderful place to start. I tell everyone that before doing anything else, they might want to try to track their foods and even without CHANGING their eating particularly, simply learning what they ARE actually eating instead of what they THINK they are eating. I also recommend that people simply MOVE more - nothing wrong with formal exercise (videos, classes, etc.) but that simply starting by moving around more and staying active. With a new baby, walking and pushing the baby carriage, going to a park with the kids and PLAYING for 15-30 minutes, climbing stairs or parking a little further from the store, etc. are a good place to start. Don't try to do it all. Don't let yourself get down on YOU. Do what you can and be KIND and GENTLE with yourself - in case nobody has told you, 16 weeks is still in the RECOVERY period after childbirth. You have a new baby (probably still not sleeping through the night all the time), other kids who have needs too, maybe even a hubby with whom you might POSSIBLY want to spend some time - cut yourself some slack. I am NOT saying don't try, but that you need to be flexible and allow yourself the courtesy of kindness. You will probably feel less depressed IF you get a little sunshine, move a little more, and eat healthier foods - calories are less critical than the QUALITY of the food you consume. You want to eat healthier for both YOU and the BABY - moods and foods are closely related. Eat more of the veggies, fruits, whole grains, dairy, and lean proteins - less processed foods, lower sodium, higher fiber, etc. Your mood, your weight, and your baby will all thank you for it and hubby will discover a NEW YOU who has more energy and more serenity.

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10/24/12 2:36 P

I've been on SP for about 6 weeks now.

Right now I'm struggling.
I've been reading goal setting articles on SP and wonder if I'm struggling bc I tried to do too many things too soon.

A bit of history:
I had my fourth child 16 weeks ago, am exclusively breastfeeding her and I have postnatal depression (which I am being treated for by my doc).
I'm 5ft4 and 185lbs (down from 194lbs)
I decided to join SP after talking with my doc about weightloss and also realising that depression and food are connected for me. Doc suggested sensible eating and exercise which led me to SP.

I may have jumped in too forcefully though.
I went from no tracking, not much water drinking and no exercise to anxiously trying to be sure my calorie range is correct (2000-2400 as a nursing mom I think), drinking lot and lots of water and doing exercise DVDs daily(only short 20-30min ones).
I also bought a Fitbit which isn't going too well as it keeps telling me I should eat only 1500 cals even as a nursing mom which i kniw is wrong. It also contradicts my heart rate monitor in terms of calories burnt.
I tried to join Sparkcoach but there was a technical glitch and that didn't happen unfortunately.

I don't know whether to give up altogether for the moment or maybe just focus on one thing like tracking calories but without worrying about calorie range? Basically just keeping an honest record of what I eat even if it's 3000 cals a day??

I've tried to blog on SP every day but on days when I really could have used a bit of encouragement it didn't happen. I keep reading about how others 'wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of Sparkfriends' but I guess that's not been the case for me. I've actively been trying to encourage others too btw as of course it's a two way process.

Wow...I've poured out more in this post than I planned to!

I'd be grateful for any constructive thoughts.

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