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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/17/14 8:59 A

How about replacing the bowl of ice cream with a bowl of veggies, and just be happy with weighing 110. Whether you will lose weight or not ( certainly not 5 lbs in 3 weeks ), you will definitely be healthier without added sugar. Sounds like you do need to replace those 300-400 calories with real food though.

You may find that good food makes the 110 lbs you have look more toned, and without moving a lb., you look better, and clothes fit better. Cutting calories may make you skinnier looking, but for most of us, not healthier looking. You need your 1200 in good food, and the occasional treats we eat should be above and beyond this basic bottom limit we need for nutrition. Also, they should be rare, not daily, and a whole

You obviously have some recovery that is a separate issue entirely, but if recovery is a whole bowl of ice cream a day, you may want to go back for step 2 in the recovery, and shift to a healthier way of eating. Assuming this is doctor controlled, how you proceed should be determined by the doctor who suggested a bowl of ice cream a day. The plan wasn't eat a bowl of ice cream every day for the rest of you life, I am sure, and probably not to just cut the 300-400 calories either. Go back, and ask the doctor what he/she wants you to switch to, and consider seeing a dietitian.

Also.. enjoy spring break. At 112 you will look fine. Make dietary changes longer term than 3 weeks, or your next event.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
3/17/14 8:08 A

imo, no matter how many times you post basically the same question-- you are NOT going to lose 6-7 pounds by spring break. Like pp's have mentioned, you've got a much more serious problem than the few pounds you're focused on losing. I'd have to agree that the best thing you could do, would be to get in touch with your recovery team and share with them your Food and Fitness Trackers.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
3/17/14 7:44 A

i hate it when people say that if you cut out a can of soda a day you'll lose weight. because that's only true if you were perfectly in balance, maintaining, plus one can of soda a day. if you were gaining, then cutting out a can of soda [or a giant bowl of ice cream], will only bring you into maintenance if that can of soda was exactly the amount you were going over by. if you were going over by more than that, then it would just slow your gain.
you on the other hand, want to cut out half of your calories when you're already at half the calories you should be at. so basically you're talking about eating 1/4 of what your body needs, possibly less when you consider that your food sources are notably lacking in nutrients. sugar should be somewhere below number twenty on your priority list with regards to food. it's kind of like worrying that you spilled nail polish on your car seat when you have carburetor, spark plug, tire, axle and fuel line issues.
the best thing that you can do right now is to get in contact with your recovery team to help you figure out where you should be right now. they have your medical history in front of them and can give you the best and most targeted advice.
because the pounds between 106 and 113 aren't really excess pounds in the harmful range. there is a point where having 7 excess pounds would be a big deal, but you're at least 100 if not 200lbs under the point where that would be. there aren't any health issues with the 7lbs that you have. there isn't any medical reason why you need to lose 7lbs. and the fact that you're at a healthy weight, actually slightly underweight if i recall correctly from your last post, is why those pounds aren't budging right now.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,450)
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3/16/14 11:06 P

For the average person, lowering sugar intake, so long as they don't replace it with something else CAN help with weight loss............

BUT you are NOT an 'average' person.

By that I mean that you are considerably UNDEReating, and really we can't help you. You really NEED the expertise of a Therapist who specializes in treating people with Disordered Eating, AND a Registered Dietitian - again one who has expertise in this sort of condition.

PLEASE make an appointment!


3/16/14 9:28 P

Lowering sugar intake for most people will help with weight loss. However, as the PP noted, you're barely eating enough to survive on. If it's an eating disorder you're recovering from, it would be great if you could get some real nutritional counseling and take it to heart. If you're trying to improve your appearance, there's nothing like being healthy to be beautiful. A diet with plenty of protein and rich in fruits and vegetables will give you beautiful skin and nails and color. If you're eating a lot of ice cream and not much else, please reconsider. Don't cut out the ice cream to lose 3 pounds you're obsessed with. Start adding protein and vitamin-rich foods instead.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/16/14 11:49 A


What is your height and weight?

I'm being serious - you have posted a lot about these few pounds that you are obsessing about, and have posted that you eat between 700 and 1200 calories a day.

You are trying to achieve a 5 pound loss in 3 weeks, and are already eating pretty much just enough calories for someone to survive on.

Are you in recovery from an eating disorder?


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3/16/14 11:40 A

So every night i have had a big bowl of ice cream = 300-400 calories its been a habit from recovery since last july its a habit. Will cutting out processed sugar show a decrease in weight quick? I think since ive been eating this much sugar and carby stuff thats not good i cant lose weight and have gained. So Do YOU have any experience lowering sugar intake? How long until you saw results. I love you guys! Sorry i post a lot its just motivation and i have a lot of questions
i want to be 106 by april 7 (Spring break) im 112-113 now i think my weight wont budge because of all the sugar and carb maybe

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