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4/17/13 11:55 A

Yoga is definitely not a waste of time, but it's not going to replace regular cardio/strength training. It's a complementary exercise, superb for what it does: improve flexibility, balance, reduce stress, etc. IT isn't a big calorie burner, but that's really not the point.

It's a fine addition to any program, and I've seen a huge change in my mind and body since starting; I'm more flexible (I can almost touch my toes) and have a lot better balance as a rule.

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4/17/13 9:09 A

I think yoga can assist weightloss - stress reduction, strength building, etc. The stress reduction is key because stress can add to weight gain, plus there's the stress eating issue. Also, you can strengthen your muscles with yoga which can help you exercise more effectively. But it can't be your only program if you're looking to lose weight. Together with cardio and other strength building activities, I do think yoga is helpful. Plus, it makes you feel good, and the right mindset can do a lot for making healthy choices.

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4/17/13 9:03 A

If yoga is the only exercise you are doing, it's likely not going to do much for your weight loss. Yoga is great for flexibility and balance and even stress, but unless you are doing hot yoga or one of the more intense forms, you really won't be burning that many calories. It's a great thing to add in addition to a more intense workout - I've been doing yoga off and on for over a year and I've found that my balance has greatly improved (I was a real clutz before I started) but I also do other forms of exercise.

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4/17/13 8:20 A

I ordered a Beginners Yoga DVD last week from Amazon. I have never attempted YOGA before so this is a first. I haven't received the video yet, but was curiou s if I am wasting my time to attempt it. Not sure how it can help you lose weight. Any tips? emoticon

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