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I've generally read that you should try to limit a supplement option like whey to one meal a day...I wish I could remember the rationale behind the rec (but assume it's something to do with whole foods generally being better and also generally more accessible). I do like to use whey protein - many benefits for enhancing weightloss as touted again in my FitnessRx mag (you may want to check out the August 11 issue), but I don't find it as filling as meat.

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6/25/11 8:01 P

Ohhh... lol, Ok thank you :) !!

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6/25/11 7:50 P

Kill you? Come on, they're not going to add an additive to any product that will "kill you". I think the clinical trials required before it gets released on the general public would have noticed that side effect!


Whey protein shakes are a good source of protein if you find you can't get enough from food choices. Food is always better. If you don't feel like meat, look into high protein other food choices such as beans and pulses. But if you still can't meet your goals, whey powder is one way to help.

Aspartame is harmless in any level that you're actually going to take it in. Just don't have 346 shakes a day. :)

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6/25/11 5:55 P

Lately I just don't feel like eating meat... but I can't seem to reach my minimum protein intake without eating meat... so I was wondering if I could just substitute meat with whey protein powder?? Is it.. the same thing?
The whey protein powder says it has Aspartame in it... will that kill me? :S

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