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11/5/09 11:09 A

I agree with Deb who said to do full-body strength one day and rest at least 24 hours before the next session, no more than 3 times per week. Also you should not do high-intensity intervals two days in a row. The other days you can do lighter exercise such as walking, slow jogging, yoga, light cardio. This is called "active recovery" and helps you recover by bringing blood to your muscles to help them heal and get stronger, so definitely do go to the gym every day if you can!

For a book you can check out of the library, see New Rules of Lifting by Lou Schuler.

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11/5/09 8:40 A

Some of the latest articles are saying to stop 1 rep before failure. Why? Because it can "burnout" your central nervous system. Why is this bad? Apparently, your CNS needs to recover just like your muscles do. I think many bodybuilders refer to this as your mind/body connection and if it's hindered then you can't perform as well nor get the strength results you desire.

As for working out multiple days in a row. The workout routines I've seen that do this are typically split routines (upper vs lower, and a myriad of others).

Also, many strength training routines will many times give target muscle groups a full week of recovery. If you're hitting the same muscle group multiple times each week with strength training type load then you might find you're actually doing something close to volume or hypertrophy training. If you're not eating an excess of calories then you really don't need to worry about gaining in size, though. Also, if you're strength training with something like 5x5 and doing the same muscle groups frequently each week then you might want to consider something more like 2x10 or 3x8.

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11/5/09 7:56 A

I agree with the other posters - your muscles need at least 48 hours rest between strength training sessions to recover and grow stronger.

You can do cardio on strength training rest days.

It is also possible to strength train every day by rotating exercises so that each muscle group gets 48 hours rest, although you do need some knowledge of which exercises work which muscles to ensure you really are resting them on your 'off' days.


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11/5/09 7:37 A

If your going to dot hat go right ahead and do several upper body muscles one day and the next do your lower...I have been doing that for years...Good for you for motivating yourself, just dont burn out to fast...goodluck!

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11/5/09 7:05 A

365 days in a row change up areas

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11/5/09 3:49 A

Yes it would.

Strength training should take you to the point where you cannot do another single lift while maintaining correct form - you should be unable to lift it once more. That is adequate strength training. :)

This is something that physically tears your muscles. Literally. They rip. That rip needs to heal, and in healing it puts down new muscle tissue and becomes stronger.

The rest part is the most important part of strength training, as that is when the strength gains actually happen.

Now, some people will tell you to work upper body one day and lower the next, but I don't favour that. Using compound exercises you can do your entire body in around 30 minutes, with only 4-6 exercises. So why split? Get a whole-body workout 3 times a week and do cardio 3 other days. Then you also have one day a week of rest (not total rest - how about a walk?).

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11/5/09 12:43 A

Newbie to the gym here and I want to know ....spark people says to strength train every other day but I would like to go to the gym every day for a while and get back on track and off this plateau sooooo....should I do cardio and machines one day and only cardio the next day??? would it hurt to do cardio and machines every day????

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