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12/1/11 8:16 P

I've read several articles in Oxygen magazine about the fitness models who work to stay within 10 lbs of their goal and then when they are pre-show they whittle it down. Even those beautiful women who look amazing don't keep it down to that "number" on a regular basis.

It is also possible that you aren't eating enough for the level of working out that you are doing. If you track your fitness minutes on SP you'll see a total weekly estimated calorie burn. Take that number and go to the start page and in the box on the left called My Progress and Goals click on the red word change under Calories Burned. Put your number in and save. The system will recalculate for you what your daily calories should be. I tend to stay in the 1,600-1,800 range for my level of fitness minutes.

Your metabolism will slow down if you're not consuming enough and your body will hold on to what it's got even more. In the end though you need to find a way of eating and working out that you can maintain for a lifestyle permanently. Make it fun, and make it last.

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12/1/11 7:46 P


Could it be that you are at the weight where your body functions most efficiently while still being in a healthy range? Remember the number on the scale is just that, it is a number, but the one thing it cannot measure is your healthy and fitness. Maybe focusing on something other than your weight will allow you to move forward.

Coach Nancy

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12/1/11 7:42 P

I have been fighting with the # 128 for almost 3 years! I can drop below it if I workout 3-4 hrs a day and eat 1500 calories. That seems like a little much for anyone to keep up with. I KNOW for a fact that I have 10 pounds of unneeded weight on my body AND I WANT IT GONE!!! I have been trying so hard and have seen and felt what it's like to be 122. My goal is 120. I just don't see how I can drop calories or keep up with having to make that kind of commitment to exercise. I HAVE done it but the second I stop I go right back to 128 and sometimes more. I know this time of year is particularly difficult. Any help?! Thanks!!!

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