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As LILLIPUTIANNA already mentioned, you shouldn't be staying away from carbs. Carbs are necessary for your body to be properly fueled, so you do need to include them. Here is an article that discusses carbs and which types of carbs to include in your diet:

If you find you have trouble reaching your nutrition goals, you may want to also try using some of the tips in this article to help you reach those:

Coach Denise

2/18/13 8:08 P

Well, you shouldn't "stay away from carbs," completely you know. Your body's main source of energy is carbs. Without them, you will crash.

Try switching to complex carbs, instead of the crappy, processed, white-sugary carbs. Get some whole wheat bread (REAL whole wheat...not the white bread that's been tinted brown), eat some brown rice with your dinner, go to a local health store and see what sorts of ideas they have there for incorporating healthy carbs into your diet.

You can also add avocados to your meals. They are loaded with healthy fats, and can add on some quality calories to your day.

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You could try adding in foods that will add healthy fats to your diet - things like avocados and nuts are very good for you, but also pack a pretty big calorie punch. You could also try switching low-fat or no-fat items in your diet (like, say, yogurt) to the full-fat versions to add more calories in a healthy way.

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So I'm really overweight, 330lbs is my current weight. I'm 6 feet tall and I hold it mostly in my mid section. I have already lost 20lbs and have completely changed my activity level and eating habits in the last 3 weeks. My goal is around 2080-2400 calories a day but I just cant do it! I exercise an hour a day with mainly cardio. Running, walking, elliptical and stepper. For being as big as I am I'm actually in pretty good shape. My problem is, I don't want to hurt my self from not eating enough. Today including all my meals and snacks I've totaled less than 1000 calories. What kind of foods are good for you and also good to indulge in? (I stay away from carbs because they are my complete downfall. I cave at the sight of chips and potatoes haha)

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