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2/19/13 4:31 A

I'm also struggling with the last 20 lbs, so yesterday I joined a gym to take me to the next level. I'll be working out during my lunch break. Hope you get a breakthrough soon.

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2/18/13 4:55 P

Thanks! I have been trying to go home at lunch and do a little 20-30 min workout. When I try to work out for an hour, I don't do it everyday, but short bursts are more convenient!

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2/18/13 4:54 P

I am about 5'3. I realize that 20 lbs is unreasonable - I was only that thin because I probably had an eating disorder. But 10 would be nice. It also fluctuates a lot. I will weigh 5 lbs more one day than I do the next or vice versa.

They aren't just vanity lbs (although, yes, I would like to be American Apparel skinny); women in my family tend to get diabetic when they are pregnant if they aren't absolutely tiny. I mean 5'5 120 lbs tiny. I am hoping to try to get pregnant in the next few years and I would like everything to go well. I was born 2 months early, jaundiced, and had to be on a respirator and my mom was only a little overweight - maybe not at all by today's standards. But when my mom was teaching dance and very thin, she had my older sister without that kind of trouble. My aunt's had the same experiences.

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2/15/13 7:54 A

How tall are you?

If you're already in a healthy BMI, you're going to find it harder to shed vanity pounds. The closer we are to healthy, the more our body wants to reach homeostasis. As we age, our bodies change, so it's unreasonable to expect to look the way we did when we were 16, 17, 18 and still growing.

The less you have to lose, the slower it will be to lose it. You are simply not going to drop 20 lbs before summer, not with a healthy BMI already. Honestly, the reason you are not dropping weight may be because you are at your body's natural weight for you, and going lower would be difficult to do and impossible to maintain.

I would put away the scale, and focus more on being healthy, and work on strength training to improve body composition. Have you had your body fat tested? Once you're in a healthy weight, the scales aren't a helpful measure of progress anymore.

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2/14/13 5:35 P

as far as exercises you can do anything you want. I do them everywhere from 20 seconds of work 20 seconds of rest to 50 seconds of work to 10 sec rest.
You can do squats, jumps, step ups, push ups, crunches, lunges, jumping jacks, jump lunges, running in place, good mornings, pull ups, jumping to the side, fast feet, box jumps, planks, superman, spiderman pushups, burpees, overhead presses, etc. you are not limited.

you can do it on a treadmill as well-- just run for 30 sec and then rest then do it again. Same for an exercise bike.
I mostly use body weight at home. I use the TRX when i go to the chiro.

If you want to see a DVD that is awesome, google BURSTFIT. It is created by Dr. Josh Axe. it is like $40, but it is awesome. he is very motivating and it has at least three levels of exercise. They have the beginner mode, the intermediate and the advanced. His workouts are no more than 20 minutes because he takes a minute or so rest between each set.
I do vegan raw so i eat clean as well.

Good luck and let me know if there is anything else i can do.

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2/14/13 4:57 P

Small bouts of exercise are a really good idea! I have never herd of HIIT. Where do you get your exercise plans? You have a group at your chiropractor's office? Thats interesting, how do you find similar groups?
My motivation for P90x and yoga were to get stronger so I would feel safe, and to stop my back pain. I mean, it would also be nice to wear the wedding dress I want and to feel comfortable in shorts and a tank when its 100+ degrees in a few months. But thats not the only motivator. For losing weight now it is partially an aesthetic thing, but I am inching closer to 30 and I want to start having kids. I would like to start out pretty small: When women in my family get pregnant and they are pregnant, things go smoothly. When they are even close to overweight, they get diabetes, circulation problems, have to quit working, etc.
I eat fairly clean. I have found that paleo works best for me. I have a nut allergy and don't tolerate dairy, but fish and lean meat seem to help my immune system (which is not the best ever - Drs think I may have mild Lupus). I used to walk everywhere, but then I got a car. It hasn't affected things either way.

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2/14/13 1:09 P

Your body may feel it is already at the perfect weight no matter what you feel.
I sit at my desk all day too. i do try to get up and move around-- do the stairs, go to the bathroom and do a few jumping jacks or stretches (basically get the blood moving). I only exercise 12-20 minutes a day. I guess you could call it HIIT, but it is more than that. My chiros group calls it surging. It rids my body of all sugar within the first 60 seconds and then starts working on the fat for energy instead. It has also been said that I can burn fat for the next 36 hours. the workouts are simple in the exercises they choose, but boy can I take a beating. When I first started exercising this way, it would take me over 15 minutes or so to recover. Now it takes less than 5 minutes. Yesterdays workout was band running, elevated lunges(done as a superset. basically 30 sec each leg for and then the last round is 15 and 15), running starters (basically done on the TRX bands and mimicking a running start), then squat presses. Each exercise was done for 30 sec at highest intensity and then rest 30 and repeat 3x per exercise except the superset.
When we were done and there were 6 of us, our legs felt like jelly. I woke this morning feeling great.
My motivation comes in a pint sized chunky bald smiling 11 month old nephew. I have a picture of him on my cabinet and everytime i feel like quitting, I look at him and complete the routine. he is my motivation and inspiration. he is my everything. I want to be the healthiest Aunty he's got and when he can run around outside, i want to join him. I want to dance at his wedding.
When the rest of the world is in the nursing home, I will be going on my cruise.

For motivation and inspiration you really need to look deep in yourself. Just losing weight to look good or fight disease, look good in a bathing suit or for a special event isn't enough. I don't want to lose to look good. I don't want to eat healthy because it is the going thing. I do it because God gave me the gift of life and i have already done my best to destroy that gift with mindless eating and sitting on my butt. Now I have a pint sized munchkin that wants me around for a long time. Now i am taking Gods gift and giving it my all. So yes, I exercise daily. yes I eat clean (mode of choice is vegan raw. you need to find something that works for you), I get adjusted several times a month, and I look at health differently than I did years ago.

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2/14/13 10:51 A

I am not overweight, and I have already lost some. When I was a lot bigger, it seemed so much easier to loose. After high school I lost about 15 lbs and was the same wight I am now. But inbetween I hit a really low weight, like 104, which is as low as I can go without being underweight. I dont want to get back that low, but 110 would be nice fore summer. I already eat really well - all these diet articles that say whole grains and cut the sugar, yeah I KNOW. I look okay, but I would like to get back down below 115 (im at 128 now) but realisticaly 118 would be great, too. When I was really thin I was taking dexedrine for school and too poor to eat anything but beans and rice. I have a good job now, but work like 12 hours a day at a desk. HOW DO I LOSE 10-20 lbs? I know I need to exercise, but it is really hard to stay motivated. I was doing well for a few weeks - signed up for cardio dance classes that I really liked, was doing yoga in the mornings, but now that im busy at work, I keep missing my classes and sleeping until I absolutely HAVE to get up (we are talking going in with wet hair in a braid because I don't want to take the time to dry it.) I took Phentermine for awhile,b ut i didn't lose anything. I did p90x and lost a bit - more importantly I toned up - but I dont have an hour anda half a day (they are hour work outs plus the half hour it takes to clean up after).

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