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4/29/13 2:06 P

If I read your post right, you're saying that your scale reflects a higher number in the evening than in the morning. This is natural. Here is an article that explains why:

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4/29/13 1:10 P

Have you plugged in your weight goal to make sure you are getting enough? Have you upped your strength training that could have possibly added some weight in muscle? Do you track it and get enough water?

You might want to focus on measurements if you haven't already to try to get more perspective on your maintenance and progress.

If you aren't already a part of it you might like this group

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Are you logging your food ? You don't have your food diary posted so I have no idea how much you eat each day or what you're eating. If you notice your weight creeping up, I would pay closer attention to what you've been eating as well as your portion size. You might be eating more than you think if you haven't been logging your food choices. Little things add up.

Do you drink alcohol on the weekends ? If so, how many drinks do you have ? Most people don't realize that one margarita could have 300-400 calories. Have more than one and you see how fast the calories add up.

Do you measure your food ? How do you know how large or small your portion sizes are ? Also, are you eating enough ? If you eat too little during the day and binge later, that could be a reason your weight creeps up.

One piece of cake will not cause you to gain 1 pound overnight. But, you may be eating more snacks than you think if you haven't been tracking your food choices.

And well, your body may be changing. As women age, our bodies do change. Shifts in hormones can cause weight gain. How would you know if this is hormone related ? You'd have to go to the doctor to get your thyroid checked.

My first thought would be to go back to logging your food. How much peanut butter goes into your sandwich ? one tablespoon hovers around 100+ calories. so, if your sandwich has more than one tablespoon, that's one place where you're eating more calories than you think. there could be other places too.

just a few thoughts. mostly, we'll all be taking guesses since we have no idea how much you eat per day or what you've been eating over these last few weeks.

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4/29/13 9:01 A

Hi y'all. I have been a member fora while, and though I have had my ups and downs, I managed to get down to 125 and stay there. Problem is, now I am not staying there! Anymore when I step on the scale at night, it says 130. In the morning, 126. I know it fluctuates with water and such, but I usually am 122 - 125 in the morning, and 126 - 128 at night. What am I doing? As far as food goes, yes, I eat a little more on weekends (breakfast a pb sandwich, lunch cottage cheese w/pineapple, hummus w/carrots) dinner (cereal, hummus w/carrots) dessert might be a cookie. Though this weekend I did *gasp* have a piece of cake for lunch/dessert. During the week break is (oatmeal w/blueberries, a glass of milk) lunch (pb sandwich) dinner (looks similar to my weekend). As far as exercise, I run outside for 30-40 minutes three to four times a week. I don't know whats going on! I feel I dont know where to cut back on the

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