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7/11/11 9:02 P

it is tough at first. then you just use the same things over and over

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7/11/11 7:34 P

if its in your meal plan, ie. if its in the lunch menu then simply click on the food and adjust it
If you have maually entered the food and its in your favourites i think there is a scroll down box at the top of favourites and you click on 'edit favourites' to change anything you mistakenly typed in manually
Hope that helped
But your better off asking the same question in the site technical help chat room

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7/11/11 5:51 P

O'my god this is not easy. I have spent 1 1/2 hours just figuring out how to get my measl onto the site. The following is what you write but I can't find the add or to.
What's up with this. I am very dioscouraged. Click on “Search.”
Click on the food that you had, or the food that is closest to what you had.
Type in your serving size in the box next to the "Add" heading. Note: The down arrow usually has other serving size choices. You can also type in decimals for your serving size. For example, .25, 1.5, etc.
Select the meal you would like to add this food to (breakfast, snack, etc.) by using the drop-down menu next to the “To” heading.
Select the checkbox to “Add this food to My Favorites” list if you would like to access it quickly in the future.
Click on "Add Food to Tracker" at the bottom to add this to your Nutrition Tracker for that day.

Where is the "To' button. fustrating

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