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IKACEY Posts: 2,599
5/23/13 9:36 P

That's what I was wondering, if it was a common happenstance. My legs stayed like lead so that I could barely walk for two days after it. If it happens again I will call my MD right away then thank you

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,997
5/20/13 6:58 A

That doesn't sound like a normal experience during a workout. You might want to talk to your doctor about it, especially if it happens again.

Coach Jen

IKACEY Posts: 2,599
5/20/13 1:22 A

I do seated and standing cardio and some core and dumbell or bodyweight strength workouts, but today all of a sudden half way throught my seated cardio dancing workout my legs just wouldn't lift any more. My arms were burning far more than usual as well but my legs were like lead, I couldn't lift them and I couldn't even walk over to my wheel chair to sit. I rested and just walked the day before, the day before that I had no trouble with my legs. Does this happen often?

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