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2/8/13 11:24 A

MOST of the people where I work are super healthy marathon runner types. However, there are TWO departments who buck that trend and constantly have gooey, yummy food out for people to take. They get their feelings hurt if you don't take anything! I have learned to avoid those departments like the plague!

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2/7/13 9:55 P

Don't think I'll ever eat another cupcake as long as I live after doing a wedding cupcake tasting with our daughter and future son in law back in August! Maybe that's the trick to snubbing office goodies. It sure cured me of ever wanting to even hear the words cake or cupcake again.


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CAROLYNM1975 Posts: 96
2/7/13 6:25 P

Thanks for all the feedback! In the future, if it's not amazing I'll try not to indulge and I will try to focus on how yucky I felt after eating that cupcake. I have been proud of myself for the past month. Our office has snacks available at all times which is so nice of them but the one thing that used to get me almost every day was the peanut M&Ms! I have gone over 30 days without snacking on those yummy little things.

I love that my company is so generous to provide food all the time, I just have a hard time turning it away sometimes. I am slowly improving though. I have beat the peanut M&Ms and boy was that hard. Now to avoid the Friday lunches and the unexpected treats (like chocolate!).

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2/7/13 4:53 P

About a year ago I heard the term, "If you don't love it, don't eat it!" They were referring to desserts and how you can eat it if it is your favorite thing in the world, but if it is just medium then don't eat it just because it happens to be there. I have the same occasional problem with people bringing in baked goods or tasty treats and I usually succumb, but I always put it in my tracker. Note the Peanut M&Ms I have in my breakfast tracker for today.

I also heard about taking one bite of something and throwing the rest out (or sharing it with someone). This has been REALLY helpful for me in the office. I like to just have one bite sometimes and then I'm not responsible for the rest. Hope some of these tips help. But as someone else said, when they leave the office without having caved in, my triumph knows no bounds!

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2/7/13 4:27 P

There is always food laying around at my office. In the last 7 working days I have encountered:
-- giant cookies with smarties in them
-- chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting (homemade)
-- apple pie (homemade)
-- a platter of sandwiches and wraps left over from a meeting
-- a giant crockpot full of some kind of creamy soup (also from meeting)
-- pizza (brought in to an evening meeting i had to take minutes for)
-- Timbits (donut holes)
-- box of truffle chocolates someone brought back from vacation
-- pile of 2-4-1 coupons for local fast food burger joint

Yes, that is SEVEN WORKING DAYS, more than one temptation per day. It's maddening. But, I have packed myself sufficient and enjoyable food, I have NOT worked any of those "impulsive treats and snacks" into my journal, so i avert my eyes and WALK ON BY.

Some days, it is reallllllllllly hard. But boy do I feel Proud of Me every time i "win" and walk away!

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2/7/13 3:23 P

What you said about it not being that good or as good as the one the week before made me think of what I'll do with food that's not as great as I think it should be...I don't eat it all. I will not waste calories on food that is just OK. I'd rather splurge and eat something realllllly good than wish something I'd eaten tasted better.

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2/7/13 2:58 P


As long as your employer doesn't bring in cupcakes every single day, you'll be fine. Of course, I'd be thrilled if my company brought food for its employees ! Saying they are cheap is putting it mildly.

You ate the food. You logged the food. You're all set. Just be mindful of your portions. A healthy lifestyle can include an occasional cupcake.


CAROLYNM1975 Posts: 96
2/7/13 2:41 P

Twice in the last two weeks my employer has brought in cupcakes for "special" events. Both times I have given in. Today, I had some carrots and ate them. I didn't go upstairs to the kitchen where the treats were, but in our meeting everyone was eating cupcakes and by the end of the meeting I really wanted one. So I ate one.

I've logged it in my calories and I'm not beating myself up too much. I don't know how often they can really keep bringing these in so I doubt it's a long term problem. I just don't know why I am so tempted by chocolate cake w/ frosting - if they only had the vanilla I don't think I would have grabbed one.

On the plus side, my stomach is grumbling and it wasn't as delicious as the cupcakes they brought in last week. Hopefully I will remember that next time and save my sweets for something really spectacular.

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