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CJADERUN Posts: 688
12/8/12 3:33 P

I didn't lose that much weight, only thirty pounds, so I doubt it's TOO much skin. Maybe that is part of it, and maybe it looks more dramatic to me than it does IRL.

The shoot is today--I know that I won't have anything changed by then, but I was going to show my friend and see if he thought we should try that shot another time, a few months down the road when I've (hopefully) tightened it up. I've got some yoga pose ideas for today at the least, and some outfits for other shots we want done.

The other thing is he wants the look to be a sports bra and short shorts, so I can't use something like spanx to hide it. I'm bringing some tanks with me in case he wants to keep the shot, but is willing to work with hiding the belly.

Thanks for the ideas! And I'd love to hear any more if others are willing to contribute.

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12/8/12 3:22 P


If your tummy is sagging, that's probably from loose skin if you've lost a lot of weight. If you want to tighten up that skin, you're looking at a tummy tuck. That's what my tummy does. I have really good form when I do plank, but my skin sags. So, do a lot of other parts, but that's a rant for another thread. eh-hem.

When is the photo shoot ? a better option might be wearing some good lycra gym pants that camouflage that bit of sag. Take a look at the photos of Coach Nicole in the fitness section. That's a good example of clothes you could wear for the fitness shoot. You may even want to consider yoga clothing. Yoga clothes help keep all those parts tucked in nicely. You may even want to consider wearing SPANX under your gym clothes.

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12/8/12 3:13 P

I think the only solution to that problem is reducing your body fat % further.

LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
12/8/12 12:11 P

just keep doing planks! best ab exercise there is I think - and do it on your elbows as well. Side planks (for obliques) might help

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
12/8/12 9:17 A

Gravity is pulling your fat/skin to the middle. I notice it in a plank, too. Try sucking it in as hard as you can for the photo. Otherwise, like you said, it's going to involve lowering your body fat until there's less in that area.

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CJADERUN Posts: 688
12/8/12 7:49 A

I'm in pretty fantastic shape. If I wear a fitted dress, I look like a total bombshell. So just to clarify--I look fine. (NOT TRYING TO BE VAIN I PROMISE! Just want people to understand that I realize I look great!)

But I'm volunteering to model for a photographer friend of mine and we're going to do some fitness shots. He wants me to hold a plank as if I'm doing a push-up. When I was practicing I noticed that my belly just SINKS. It's not that my form is bad (I checked), it's that my flesh shifts from across my belly to just the center, and it hangs.

I don't think I have all that much weight to lose, so I was wondering how I can prevent this effect? I'm not interested in working for an awesome (visible) six-pack, so if that's what I need then I guess I won't worry about it.

Is it just that I need to do more/harder core work? Will that tighten that up?

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