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6/18/13 12:06 P

Bug spray or wipes
snacks for the cabin
coins for the vending machine
deck of cards

I mailed my son a care package to receive two days later. Filled with snacks and reassurance.
They LOVE Mail Call.

Discuss issues on good sportsmanship and downplaying incidents. My son's camp had kids (and counselors) that encouraged pranks. Older kids had brought shaving cream to fill campers backpack and beds with. It didn't set well with me and my son didn't handle it well.
I certainly never expected it but I guess it happens - so discuss how to handle incidents.

Life lessons learned the hard way 101

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6/18/13 11:40 A

I would recommend Camelback-type hydration backpacks, unless the camp is providing those. You can usually get an off-brand version at Costco for about $35, and extra "bladders" (water pouches) for about $10 at Academy. (Since you mentioned Enchanted Rock, I'm assuming you're in the Austin or SAT area.) A pack like that will have pockets to carry their camera, sunscreen, and so forth. I'd recommend a safety whistle as well, just in case the worst happens and they get separated from the group. (Look over the pack; a lot of times they include a whistle on the zipper pull.)

Other than that, err on the side of packing light. The less stuff they take, the less they have to worry about losing, hauling around, etc. In particular, make them leave home any electronic devices or anything expensive. Nothing ruins camp like misplacing your $100 Swiss Army knife and thinking one of your tentmates stole it. They need water and sun protection, and that's about it. If they do forget something, someone else will let them borrow.

6/18/13 11:13 A

We are send my 14yo and 13 yo to an adventure camp Sunday for a week. They will be rafting, repeling, zip lining, paintball, rock climbing, swimming and doing an over night camp out at Enchanted Rock.

The list below is what they suggest you pack....however I would like to know from expeirenced campers what other helpful things do you think they should take.

Comfortable / Casual clothing (you will get dirty!)

One nice outfit / clothes if you want to dress up for the dance!

Sleeping bag / bed linens & pillow - will be camping out one night so bring a sleeping bag if you want one in the tent

Swimsuit (s) will be swimming each day

Towels for swimming and showering


River shoes or sandals

Comfortable tennis or hiking shoes

Flashlight with extra batteries



Adventurous Attitude!!!

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