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we need numbers to answer you. how often is often? and how much is a little bit? because the main nutrient floor for women is 1200 cals. which means that unless you were specifically planning it out [most likely with the help of a registered dietitian], it's very unlikely that you're getting all the nutrients you need in fewer calories. your specific 1300 bottom range number means that you are closer to your goal or a lot more active than most people. which isn't a bad thing, but a previous poster is right in that when you maintain your weight, you'll likely be doing so at a much higher range, so figuring out how to get into your loss range is just the first step.
so back to the original questions. if you're within about 50 cals, maybe up to 100 or so that's less of a problem. as far as often goes, if this is less frequently than every other week, i'd say not to sweat it. but the higher the amount your calories are off by or the more frequently your off the more you need to address this issue.
one other thing that you can do is to average your calories on a weekly basis. in other words, does that off blip mess with where you are, on average, overall? as long as you are [and you aren't eating 2400 cals one day to make up for a 200 cal day or other extreme things like that] about where you should be a little bit off here and there isn't a big deal. it's just you do have to pay attention to when a little bit off becomes a lot off and every now and then becomes a few times a week that you get into trouble.

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If you can't maintain a 1300 cal intake, how do you expect to take in 1800-2000 cals when you're maintaining your weight?

All you have to do is add an extra 50 cals here and there to each meal or carry some snacks on hand.

1300 cals seems awfully low to begin with, unless you're incredibly petite and inactive. I eat a minimum of 1400-1500 cals a day and i'm 5'2 107 lbs. The less you eat, the more likely you'll lose lean muscle/tissue over fat. I highly recommend reading Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

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4/3/13 10:58 P

approx 1110 today

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I do know quite a few different recipes, and luckily for this generation, iPhones and apps make everything so accessable. My problem is mostly noticing I haven't eaten enough throughout the day, because of my busy schedule and I'm left with the deficit in the evening, but I'd hate to go load up on tons of food just to meet my goal before I go to bed.

4/3/13 10:50 P

I would highly recommend that you try to reach the 1300 mark. It seems to me that if you are exercising that much, you should be getting more (I don't know your situation and I'm not a doctor, so I will let others get into it).

A lot of times the lack of desire usually comes from not eating food that you really like or being bored with what you are eating (in my experience). Do you know how to cook/have any cookbooks? I would recommend checking out some recipes for stuff that you like and go from there. I had the same eating routine for YEARS and at one point I was not eating anything good because it just got TOO boring to eat and I didn't care to make the effort. It sounds like you need to teach your body to eat. Like I said, I don't know what your routine is and I could be off the mark about what you eat; this is just my opinion.

I hope some of this helps! You can do it! It is ok to go under once in a great while, but it's not recommended.

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I'm on a 1300 calorie regime, and I workout 3-4 times a week, military style boot camps for an hour a session.
There are some days where I don't quite meet my 1300 calories, but I lack the desire to eat, or I'm just too full.
Is it imperative that I reach the 1300 goal, or is it okay if I lack a little bit?

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