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Remember that organic is more about additives and pesticides; it doesn't actually change the nutrient content of the foods. :) Organic broccoli will have the same nutritional content as regular broccoli!

7/16/12 6:30 P

Another place to look is the USDA National Nutrient Database, here: - I find it much easier to use than the Sparkpeople tracker myself. It does tell you absolute amounts of other nutrients like, say, potassium, rather than the percentage of DV, however.

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7/16/12 5:39 P

Really do give tracking a try before you buy a book. I really find tracking vegetarian whole foods to be a lot easier than packaged foods. It is all in there, just invest in a nice set of measuring cups!

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7/16/12 5:32 P

thank you ill look that book up. I haven't started the tracking thing yet.

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7/16/12 5:30 P

What sorts of things are you talking about? What exactly are you having trouble with?

There are generic food entires for most things that you would buy locally or organic. For example, if you get bulk dry barley all you do is search "barley" and you will find a generic entry for Pearl Barley. That is what you would use. Search "Kidney Beans" and you will find a generic entry for kidney beans. The same holds true for all fruits and veggies and all dry goods.

Locally produced cheeses are a bit harder. There are generic entries for your standards (brie, cheddar, etc), but at some point you have to just do a little bit of guess work. I tend to guess a bit high.

Edit: I see you are a Hare Krishna. There will be a generic entry for nearly everything you eat. Most guessing, I think, revolves around meat products. For veggies and grains, the generic entries work for me: it is how I track what I eat. Give it a try!

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i have googled nutrition info for things that weren't listed on sp.

7/16/12 5:11 P

Your Tracker will help you. But I also use a book called Nutrition Facts Desk Reference by Dr. Art Ulene ($16 Amazon). It's a big fat book that lists most everything. I've had it for years and just ordered a 2nd one for my sister. Best of luck to you!!

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7/16/12 4:46 P

I try to shop local and organic and a lot of food stuff I get is in plain packaging, how do you know what the calories are for all kinds of food if its not labeled, is there a book or web site?

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