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COACH_TANYA Posts: 3,815
9/30/13 3:50 P

Start out by aiming for eating within the range. Use the nutrition tracker to help you stay on track and avoid under eating. After you have been able to eat in range for a week or two, then you can begin to work on finding the right balance with exercise.

Coach Tanya

9/29/13 8:54 P

Oh I see. It wasn't adjusting before but now it has. So I should eat at the lower end of that when I exercise and the higher end when I don't?

Thanks so much!

COACH_TANYA Posts: 3,815
9/26/13 1:59 P

When you set up your Spark plan, you enter your activity which is figured in to your needs. So you may actually have a range of 2000 -2400 calories or more depending on your calculations. So, be sure you have entered all your info for activity accurately, then use the nutrition tracker to stay on track with the recommendations. The program has already done the calculating for you.

Coach Tanya

9/25/13 7:07 P

Ok. So I know I'm supposed to consume 1800 calories daily (despite the 1450 other calculators give me) because I'm a teenager. What I'm not sure about, is if I burn say 400 calories in dance class, and eat 1800, isn't my net total 1400 - and below my goal? Should I eat back those calories, meaning I eat 2200 with a net of 1800 going to my body? Or do I just eat 1800 regardless?
And if I just ate 1800 regardless of how much I exercised, that would mean on my rest days when I maybe go for a 10 min light walk and that's it, I would have to eat LESS than 1800, which is again below my goal.

I guess the bottom line is- do I eat back exercise calories, and how do I decide how much more/less to eat depending on my workout level?

I'm a dancer, so I do burn up to 400 calories mon-fri but then I'm pretty much sedentary on weekends and I feel I need to adjust for that.


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