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6/4/12 4:15 A

Done! Thank you so much all for your time.. emoticon

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6/4/12 3:59 A

Edit your Spark Page. There's a tick box top right for that.

6/4/12 3:07 A

How tho share the nutrition plan? Sorry I'm new with this, I also just found out how to use the food tracker last week. Thanks again. I read the articles.

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6/3/12 3:46 P

Try sharing your food tracker for specific suggestions, but yes, you absolutely need to eat more daily. You're harming your body.

Try these calorie boosting tips:

And check out this article on "If I eat less than recommended will I lose weight faster?":

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6/3/12 2:07 P

it's been said already 1200 calories is the bare minimum. You should not go below that for many reasons. One of which is you will sabotage your weight loss (though this is not the most important reason) I would look at your daily nutrition feed back report and see where you are lacking i.e. protein, carbs, fats and try to increase your calories to meet those needs. If your lacking fat at olive oil to your foods, this will increase your calories and fat intake with out feeling full. If it is protein than you can add some powder to your cereal. yogurt, or water. Again this will add the calories and protein you need without making you full. My guess is that carbs are not at issue as you are a vegetarian.

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6/3/12 1:48 P

Thank you so much for your replies. I neead a little bit more suggestion here. I measured what I ate correctly, based on weight, ml, tbsp, etc. I feel full and enough with around 900 calories per day, should I force myself to eat more again? I can eat more than 1200 but it will make me super super full. I am vegetarian, is it because I don't eat meat? Again, thanks for your help.

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6/1/12 4:16 P

Averaging doesn't work for the floor value. You can average over that so your 1700 cal days are averaged down over a week, but any healthy adult woman should get more than 1200 calories as a minimum every single day.

Energy averages - vitamins don't.

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6/1/12 3:56 P

If your average daily caloric intake over a week falls in your daily allowed range, you should be fine. But note that this means you can have 800kCals in some days, but you should at least eat 1600kCals in other, equal number of days, so that your average daily calories taken in does not fall below 1200. Most people may experience a reduction of metabolism at the lower end of their range, so it may be more useful in losing the fat to eat at the middle or upper end of your range.

6/1/12 3:53 P

You might want to also consider the kinds of foods you are eating. Dieters often bulk up on teh veg, and the whole grains and remove or restrict the fats (cheese, oils) too much.

Make sure you are getting enough of the main 4 cats (protien, carbs, fats, cals) in your day - or at least balanced, then you can see why you are still hungry.

so if you are only getting 800 cals, are you getting 80% of each of your areas? Or is one area really low, and others very high?

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6/1/12 3:46 P

Eating less than recommended can, and can sometimes not, be a problem. However, there really is a floor - a value below which nobody should go.

And that is 1200 calories.

On less than 1200 calories worth of food, you won't get enough riboflavin, potassium, vitamin B, and etc in your diet. It's not about energy and feeling full enough on less, it's about getting all the vitamins and minerals a body needs, which doesn't change with body size and is approximately about 1200 calories worth of a balanced (nutritional, not junk including) diet for women (1500 for men).

So yes, it's a big problem to only eat 800 on a regular basis. That is starvation level.

Here are some calorie boosting tips:

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6/1/12 1:11 P

Be sure to actually measure the food rather than eyeballing it. Your estimates can be way off.

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6/1/12 1:05 P

Are you sure you're tracking everything you eat and drink? You should be tracking beverages, condiments, salad dressing, etc.

Yes I think it is dangerous to eat less than 1,200 calories every day. I don't you can get adequate nutrition from that amount of food. Eating too little can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

6/1/12 12:44 P

Hi, recently I just found out how to the food tracker. The nutrition plan suggested to eat between 1200-1550 cal per day. Sometimes I only eat around 800 but I feel full already, is it fine, better or worse? thank you for your help

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