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9/8/10 7:04 P

I appreciate all the feedback. Now if popcorn could just taste as good as my favorite Coffee & Cream chocolate from Choceur, I'd be set. . .

NIKINIK11 Posts: 97
9/8/10 5:49 P

Thanks everyone, whereas popcorn used to be ridiculously confusing, i now understand. who knew popcorn could cause such a dilemma. lol. ;-)

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9/3/10 6:12 P

I saw that a couple of people were wondering who would eat the popcorn kernels..and er.. I am one of those people. emoticon emoticon Except that I only eat the kernels that are half way popped or the kernels that have the popcorn partially exposed. They are tender enough to eat. I wouldn't recommend eating the actual uncooked kernels because it's horrible for your teeth! emoticon

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9/3/10 3:57 P

I measured it all out once.

I popped a bag and on the label it says you can get 5 cups of popped corn in each bag...I got 6 cups when measured and I did this with 3 bags and got the same. I eat the Act II that you can get in the big boxes of 24. Anywho...the box says that there is 25 calories per cup of a whole bag would be 150 caloried to my calculations. Sounds about right to me! I roll with that and never look back, that is unless I buy cheese flavored then of course the counts go UP.

9/3/10 3:36 P

NIRERIN sounds right. You know how much popcorn expands when it is popped. One cup of unpopped popcorn is quite heavy. One cup of popped popcorn is light as air. They are measuring by volume rather than by weight.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
9/3/10 1:59 P

the government requires foods to be labeled according to their
-as is-
nutritional content. that's why pasta info is for dry and meat labels have the raw info. you have the item uncooked, you get the info for the uncooked product.

popcorn is unique in that it gets larger when you cook it and by a lot. i generally use about a quarter cup of plain kernels. that quarter cup of plain kernels has about 150 cals. when i air pop it, it doesn't lose calories, it's still going to be 150, but it now takes up five cups of space. look at an unpopped kernel and then look at a popped kernel. the popped kernel is much larger than the unpopped. the volume changes, not the info for each kernel.

keep in mind that in your bag, there may only be one unpopped serving, but once it pops, you have ten servings.

NIKINIK11 Posts: 97
9/3/10 12:54 P

i am REALLY confused about this also. There are so many calories in UNPOPPED popcorn, but why do they list that? who eats unpopped popcorn?
and the calories, fat, salt, EVERYTHING in POPPED Popcorn, especially the 94% fat free ones is SO LITTLE, it's almost like nothing other than just over a 100 calories for an entire large back, because it says 7 servings per popped bag and only 20 calories per popped, but that seems too few calories for that whole bag because they sell the 94% fat free in "100 calorie bags" and its A LOT LESS than the 140 calories (that i'm assuming im calculating right) in the LARGE bag. Please advise. :-)

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9/3/10 12:44 P

I have the same problem, but it's more with the fat calories. I understand that it might be a little different, but there are alot less fat calories in the popped popcorn to the point where it seems unrealistic.

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9/3/10 4:54 A

And that's why I like the European way of giving the data for a standard measure . . . i.e. 100g

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9/3/10 3:37 A

Nobody eats unpopped corn (I don't think, I can't imagine it).

You might find that 1 serving of unpopped corn makes 12 servings of popped corn. Why they call that a "serving" I don't really know.

Does it say how many servings are in the packet in total? How many are there popped, and how many unpopped? Eg if there's 1 unpopped serving in the bag and 12 popped servings - you pretty much know what they're doing there.

9/3/10 1:04 A


I was reading the nutrition information on Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop! Kettle Korn and was perplexed by the following:

1 serving upoppped popcorn = 140 calories
1 serving popped popcorn = 15 calories

Who eats unpopped popcorn, anyway? And why would the calorie count go down by the mere act of microwaving the product? And if it truly does, does other food "lose" calories by being microwaved?

Obviously, I ate the popped popcorn. But what calorie count should I note on my SparkPeople Nutrition log?

Thanks for your responses!



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