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5/5/11 9:25 A

Hi! I have started using my BL dvd again - the original one they first came out with. I am tracking it as circuit training. The first one which is low impact I am tracking about 20 minutes b/c of the warm up/cool down is about 4-5 mins each.

After doing it for 2 days I can alraedy see a difference! I can feel that my legs aren't as loose and my waist is getting worked! I'm going to do this in May and already know I will get fab results!!

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3/21/11 11:04 P

Brandi, I also have 1, 2, 4, & 6 on your list, great workouts! I also have the Jillian Michaels, No More Trouble Zones. I record these as circuit training. I agree with a previous post that it would be difficult to get an exact number of calories burned just as it is hard to get an exact number on calories eaten. I try to focus on getting quality workouts and quality food and am getting better at listening to my body. I am not losing pounds very fast, but I am losing and I am toning, am stronger, look better, and feel better. Good luck and have fun with the workouts!

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3/21/11 9:16 P

thanks for the link

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3/21/11 9:13 P

thanks for the link

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3/21/11 4:55 P

Thank you for the link Rena1965 I have not been tracking my workouts on sparks fitness tracker because I was not sure how it would work. After reading the link I have been able to track, thanks again!

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1/26/11 7:03 P

Thank you for that link, I needed it too!

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12/16/10 11:51 P

Dear Brandi8704,
This page will answer the questions for the below..

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12/16/10 12:04 P

I also have The Biggest Looser DVD 40 DAy Jump Start. I just bought it and there is no way that I am able to do a whole set. I will work up to it. After I am able to do this, I will get another DVD I don't know which one yet. I would hate to start with having them all staring me in the face that would be a deterent to getting to where I am able to do them all. I would feel totally overwhelmed and almost feel like quitting right off the bat. I am taking baby steps so I can be successful

11/26/10 1:14 P


Calorie burn is subjective. It depends on several factors that are going to be unique to each exerciser:
your weight



body fat percentage/lean muscle mass percentage

type of exercise (aerobic, anaerobic)

muscles/muscle groups involved in the exercise (this is because bigger muscles burn more calories than little ones do)

fitness level

intensity of exercise

duration of exercise

So nobody can really tell you how many calories it burns. I would burn a totally different number of calories than you would doing the same workout because of our differences in weight, age, fitness level, etc.

Monitoring your calories burned vs. calories eaten is an important part of weight loss, but it's not something to obsess over. The more important issue is the QUALITY of your workout, not the quantity. I could do a workout burning 500 calories an hour, but that doesn't mean that it was a QUALITY workout that burned fat.

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11/26/10 1:01 P

How many calories are burnt for each DVD? Also if you know how many calories are burnt for each part in each DVD it would help too. I cannot do a whole DVD all the way through though. But I am working my way up to it.

Here are the DVDs that I have:
1) The Biggest Loser: Cardio Max
2) The Biggest Loser: Power Sculpt
3) The Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga
4) The Biggest Loser: Last Chance Workout
5) The Biggest Loser Workout
6) The Biggest Loser: Boot Camp
7) The Biggest Loser Workout 2
8) The Biggest Loser: 30 Day Jumpstart

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