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5/22/11 3:10 P

How water resistance is the HRM? You could wear it for the walking at least, if you keep your wrist out of the water. A chest strap model is much more accurate though, and usually waterproof as well. Keep your eyes on CraigsList or something to see if you can find a second hand one coming up.

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5/22/11 2:05 A

well its the weekend! i got off at 10 and i decided to go to the gym at midnight. I started off the next day with a 15 min walk on the treadmill! and i still got more 2 go!

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5/22/11 1:15 A


Machines, just like HRMs and even calorie expenditure calculators are all estimations of your calories burned, the least dependable being your gym equipment, especially if they are not calibrated on a consistent basis. As for your heart rate monitor, if it has a chest strap I would use that if not you could be picking up a lot of interference. I always err on taking the lowest figure, tis better to underestimate calories burned.

As for your second question, when there isn't an exact activity listed you can use general low impact aerobic fitness to track your calories.

I hope this helps!

5/21/11 8:39 P

I've got a few questions about some of my favorite work outs and rather than creating multiple threads...I'm going to put my questions here. (hope that's ok.)

First question is this. I love my elliptical! It's a Golds Gym model that has magnetic resistance so it feels like I'm taking hills. It measures my heart rate, distance and calroies. It doesn't match up with my heart rate monitor that I wear on my wrist (my wrist HRM is significantly higher than the one in my elliptical) and the calories doesn't match up with Spark. (Spark is always at least 100 calories lower than my elliptical) it trust worthy? Should I trust spark rather than my machine?

The other question I have is regarding swimming. My YMCA has a "lazy river" pool that is 3ft tall and can be used during excerise hours for walking against the current. I often have the pool to myself and walk fast against the current and then swim some against the current. I'm sure that this ups the calories burned rather than just walking in water but Spark doesn't have anything like that listed. "Water jogging" is listed and that's what I use because I'd rather list too few calories burned than too many.

Of course the scale and measuring tape are my main tools to track progress but I'd like my spark page to be as accurate as I can be. Thanks!

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