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6/9/11 7:36 A


I agree with Zorbs, that when running pushing a stroller your speed will generally be slower (just like carrying more weight will force you to slow down or running up hills...the effort will be there, though). The calorie difference will probably not be too significantly different than if you plugged in your run without the stroller. Investing in a HRM may be the way to go.


6/9/11 6:07 A

I'm not comparing them...just wondering out loud. sorry for any confusion.

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6/9/11 5:58 A

you can't compare biking with a trailer to pushing a stroller. Biking is PULLING extra resistance, therefore making the work harder, and yes, burning more calories.

6/9/11 5:56 A

Interesting...I know I run the same speed whether pushing the stroller or not. I don't count any extra - just figure it's there. I wonder how many extra calories are burnt biking with a trailer with kids?

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6/9/11 4:42 A

Most heart rate monitors calculate calories burned.

When I run with my son in the BOB..I go slower so my heart rate is lower and therefore LESS calories burned than sans stroller.

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6/8/11 11:13 P

I've been looking around online to find how much extra calories I'm burn when I'm running with my kids in our stroller. We have a great stroller...BOB, it's awesome! I found this equation on a different running forum that seems a little extreme and would love others to weigh in.

"Running one 10-min. mile while pushing a 60-lb. stroller will burn off
exactly 127.64 calories (assuming body weight of 125 lbs. For every
pound of body weight over 125, add 13.647 calories. For every pound
under 125, subtract 18.982 calories."

Also, can you calculate calories burn if you are monitoring your heart rate during exercise? Thanks SO much

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