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I wouldn't recommend approaching it on the basis of calories burned in 1 hour of massage, for a couple of reasons.

1. Your body gets more efficient (ie. burns fewer calories) at any activity it does regularly. So likely you are burning fewer calories than someone a casual giving exactly the same massage.
2. The standard convention for calculating calories is to include your underlying metabolic calories as well, which is technically a double count. This is no big deal for 1 hour of activity and can be ignored, but when you start to add up 4-5 hours of activity, the double count becomes more substantial.
3. Calorie estimates typically assume continuous activity. So while it may take 5 hours to see 5 clients, by the time you wait for a client to turn up, book them in for their next appointment, clean up, etc. you may only have been actively massaging for 3.5 hours.

The more normal way to allow for this is through a lifestyle factor. It is generally assumed that a sedentary lifestyle burns about 20% in addition to your metabolism for normal daily non-exercise activities. An active job like yours might burn 30-40%. A really physical job (eg. construction) might burn 50-60%. At a guess, at 4-5 clients per day, you might want to go with 30% (remembering that this is averaged across the week).


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Hi! I am new here and trying to set reliable food intake goals. I am a massage therapist and massage 4 to 5 clients a day. This includes lots of upper body, leg work, also it can be like a slow dance. I lift lots of limbs. I am wondering if anyone knows the calories burned for such a activity. If so I would appreciate the feedback. I am looking for 1 hour of Massage calories burned. emoticon

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