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7/8/10 4:06 P

Well, I can think of a couple different methods to calculate your basic calorie needs.

1) Use sparkpeople's calculation but DON'T multiply it by 1.2. Check out
e_calculation101.asp step 4 to calculate this. This formula is used to calculate calorie expenditure if you lay in bed all day.

2) Get a BodyBugg or other device that you leave on all day and calculates your total calorie expenditure all day. This is probably the most accurate, but also the most expensive.

3) Go with your gut. You seem like you're pretty in tune to how much you need to eat, so you could just go with that. Eat however much you need to feel healthy--if you feel like fidgeting your leg is making you hungrier, eat more, and if it's not, don't eat more. You'll probably lose weight more slowly doing this, but you might feel better. :)

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
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7/8/10 9:31 A

Thank you MARINASHU for saying you're not bashing me and encouraging my activity.

Here's the thing ... most people do ordinary activities, like shower, dress, go to work.

They can plug that into Spark and get a calorie range, and figure out where they need to go from there.

I've been in chronic pain for nearly 10 years. I'm not at the same "starting off place" as everyone else.

I don't expect fidgiting, bouncing my arm or leg, to be "cardio", but I KNOW it is ACTIVITY ... and the more active we are, the more fuel we need to sustain acivity.

It's not unlke when I pratically killed myself to do 30 minutes of walking / cardio, but I could, in a 16 hour day, spend 3 hours making food. Which hurt, but didn't like to freaking kill me.

The thing is every body has a life that's ... I am this active ... and these are my calories ... and this is where I sustain my weight ....

I do NOT have that!

You all consider things like showering or wasihng dishes or getting water to drink ... and now boucing my leg & arm ... insignifcant, but it's NOT.

I need a base calorie calculation.

And I started with Spark practically killing myself to walk 15 mintues (which took 4 hours).

Again, I'm not using it to "burn calories" or enter it as "exercise", I'm just trying to figure out base calories used / needed in a day so I can add exercise and adjust accordingly.

PAPAMIKIE SparkPoints: (48,308)
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7/8/10 4:53 A

I have always bounced my legs, even as a kid in school. I had a friend who happened to mention that the light above his desk in geograph always swayed. I had history in the room above him. We discovered that when I was not in history the light did not sway. So my leg bounce was the cause. Does it burn a few calories, yes, do I track it, no. I have never even considered tracking it, until your post. Will I track it, I think not. I have noted else where why I track things they way I do.

I think as others have noted the calorie burn will be minimal and I think it is likely contained in your base calories.

MARINASHU SparkPoints: (24,138)
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7/8/10 2:25 A

I hope I didn't come across as "bashing" you--that wasn't my intention at all. I do think being able to bounce your leg is EXTREMELY significant, and worth celebrating! I just don't think it's significant in terms of calories on sparkpeople. The range sparkpeople gives you is the calories you'd burn lying still all day TIMES 1.2. That means that activity like walking from room to room in a house, talking, gesturing, and fidgeting, is already included. If you've been using a formula that is DIFFERENT than sparkpeople's, then you may need to change it to incorporate your changed level of daily activity. But it sounds like you're using sparkpeople's ranges, right? If you are, then it already accounts for things like fidgeting by multiplying your base calorie expenditure by 1.2.

I hear ya on still being hungry eating 1200-1500 calories. That range is too low for me as well if I do ANY exercise at all. I've had to adjust my weight loss goals so that I'm losing slower but able to eat more, because I know I can't maintain eating less than 1500 calories a day. Have you tried adjusting your weight loss goal to be further in the future?

It's all about figuring out this experiment of one... only YOU know what really works for YOU. If you feel like you need to eat 300 more calories a day to be healthy, then I say go for it.

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NEED2LOSE40BIN Posts: 628
7/8/10 12:21 A

i have been thinking about this too....bc i am always fidgeting...which annoys the ppl tat i with...but i cant

7/8/10 12:06 A

My husband cannot hold still! His leg is bouncing all the time when he's driving -especially when we are stopped at an intersection. It personally drives me crazy! But, I suppose if he is burning extra calories, I should encourage it.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
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7/7/10 11:59 P

Well, that's the thing

"300 calories 'at most' "

Well, when bedridden to 300 calories that's a significant expenditure.

We are all to take into account our normal daily activities, plus then add exercise, then subtract a moderate amount of activity calories to lose weight...

That's the thing ... my "normal" is to bounce my leg incessantly for 8+ hours. I just don't know how to include that because, due to my injury, I had to forcibly stop my self from boucing.

Or speaking.

Or crying.

Or talking.

Or breathing deeply.

Or talking aloud.

I'm still really trying to figure out base daily activities. You all are rather bashing me right now but I've not been "normal" for years.

I've bounced my leg at 6,000+ bounces yesterday and today ... but I've been unable to do that since August 20, 2001.

This is not insignificant.

I think you all are treating me like a "normal", but I'm NOT "normal". I've desired to be for nearly 10 years ....

My normal day I'm extremely active, I shun normal close parking places, I carry basktes instead of shopping carts ... and on and on ...

Disabled as I am I need help ... the things I thought were normal pre-injury are out of my abilitles now.

So when I add those activies back ... they ARE activities, and they DO burn calories.

I'm not saying they are cardio or burning fat ... I'm only saying the more active one is overall, the more one needs calories/fuel overall.

Anyway ... I've known for a long while I burn lots more calories than my peers ... they have 1 entree and are satisfied, I need 2 and am still hungry.

I'm a bit odd in that most formulas don't fit me.

I'm just asking for a bit of help to figure out my baseline activity .... and my cardio + toning on top of that, so I can estiamte calories ... cus I plug it into Spark and get calorie ranges well, super outrageously far below, anything that acutally works for me.

I respect that it works for others. But it doesn't work for me.

1200-1550 .... that is what Spark gives me, and if I NEVER work out EVER, then 1500 is the MINIMUM I can possibly manage. If I exercise, I need more ...

but how much more is where I need help.

JESTICJADE SparkPoints: (65,813)
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7/7/10 5:00 P

I don't know if i would consider fidgeting a work out but it is defiantly a good thing to do to burn a few extra calories

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
7/7/10 3:58 P

I'm aware of your history, and agree that back then it might have been worth working out.

But you talk about how you carry this water around, you exercise in a small space on a boat, you just said you get a 30 minute walk, and you also logged over 11,000 steps on a "rest" day.

Fidgeting is no longer trackable for YOU. For you personally, Trillian, even given your past, your fidgeting is no longer worth counting. You are now way more active than you used to be.

MARINASHU SparkPoints: (24,138)
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7/7/10 3:54 P

I agree with ERINLINDSAY83--while you probably do burn more calories fidgeting than not fidgeting, it would be around 100-300 calories AT MOST. (If I were calculating it for myself, at my weight and knowing my own metabolism, I'd guess it'd be more like 25-50 calories per day, tops. Of course it might be more or less for different people.) Not enough to change your diet at all.

Also bounces would be very different from steps in terms of calorie burn. Walking uses pretty much all the muscles in the body to pick up your leg, push yourself forward, swinging your arms and twisting your core to transfer power from the upper body to the lower body. Unless you're talking about a full body bounce that moves you across the room, it's nothing like the same thing as walking.

But congratulations on being able to do things that you used to not be able to do! Even if it doesn't burn a lot of calories, that's still a significant step.

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TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
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7/7/10 3:49 P

Well, I figured it out and I do over 2,800 bounces / steps per hour, and I do it several hours in the day, so it does seem to add up to something.

I guess I'll figure out how many hours I bounce and figure out the steps and add it to my overall activity level.

After all, I'm stepping my leg about the same amount of steps I do in my 30 minute walk, so if those 2,500 steps count, it seems like 2,800 steps are doing something.

Just like carrying water - people tell me THAT doesn't burn calories either.

I'm just trying to figure out what my normal every day calories are because I've not had a normal "every day" in 10 years.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
Fitness Minutes: (30,218)
Posts: 16,790
7/7/10 3:42 P

I guess I'm just thinking differently about it because of my history.

Nearly 10 years ago I was injured and basically have been bedridden or flat on my back (or ought to have been when I wasn't) for the bulk of that time.

I've had to make a point NOT to walk, not to cry, bathe, breathe deeply, fidget, sometimes even get on the computer and type, not to express words with any intensity or anger ... best yet not to speak at all ... because I hurt so much, and it hurt so much more to do any of those things.

So rather than starting with a sort of "general activity" of any reasonableness, I've been more like the morbidly obese folks who can't get out of bed.

Fidgeting, to me, isn't normal every day activity, it's not background activity, it's not walking around grocery stores, walking around the office, going to pick up the dry cleaning ... because I haven't been able to DO any of those things for nearly a decade.

For instance, if I went to an office every day, that would dramatically increase my activity level in terms of amount of time spent upright vs. horizontal, and amount of walking, and running all those errands required, like getting lunch, dry cleaning, showering daily, doing my hair, washing more clothes.

At some point I'll have to figure that out too.

But working in an office, running errands, and fidgeting haven't been a normal part of my every day life in a decade. I still don't even shower daily.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
7/7/10 3:39 P

I know we've had a discussion on what "counts" as exercise and agrees it's really up to the individual's distinct abilities but ... fidgeting? Really? Trillian, you know better.

You're a fit and healthy person who carries large buckets of water around and gets over 11,000 steps per day on a REST day.

Fidgeting is not going to make enough difference for YOU to be worth calculating. Maybe way back when, when you barely moved at all, but not now. As you said, it's part of "daily activity".

If you're just curious, then I think you'd really have to get a body bugg or something to have any real idea of the difference it can make.

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ERINLINDSAY83 Posts: 14,176
7/7/10 3:12 P

I am a chronic fidgeter. I am ALWAYS bouncing my arms and legs and fingers, tapping...whatever. I heard that constant fidgeting throughout the day CAN burn UP TO 300 calories extra (another study said 100).
But, that's probably A LOT of fidgeting. I wouldnt count it towards extra calories burned at all, nor would I count it as exercise really.

I'd say just know in the back of your head you may be burning a few extra calories each day, but leave it at that.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
Fitness Minutes: (30,218)
Posts: 16,790
7/7/10 3:07 P

There may be no answer to this, but I've just noticed in the last couple days my leg has been bouncing up and down and I'm tapping my arm a lot ... things I used to do before I was injured and it hurt too bad to do them.

So it's thrilling to fidget out that excess energy again, and not have to fight my body to stop my automatic bounciness.

But I'm curious if there's a way to figure calories burned or some other way to account for the exercise.

With my leg bouncing up and down several times a second for a long time ... I've not timed it so far, but certainly for at least an hour or more ... it seems like it is adding more "activity" to my overal "activity" level and I'm wondering if I ought include it when it comes to every day, daily activity level.

Any thoughts?

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