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Spark's minutes targets are based on how many days and minutes you said you were prepared to work out when you entered your Exercise Goals (although it defaults to 3 x 30 = 90 minutes if you don't enter anything). If this no longer reflects your workout patterns, then update your Exercise Goals (accessible through the LH side of the Start page).

Spark has to cater for a fairly wide range of fitness levels, so the intensity levels (ie. how many calories you burn in a minute) tend to be fairly moderate. Working out at a greater intensity than that is actually a good thing - it gives you more health and fitness benefits.

So you should be setting both a minutes target, and a calories target that reflects your normal workout patterns. Just set these two targets independently, rather than using Spark's intensity assumptions.


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3/13/13 1:59 P

Ignore the time and manually enter your actual calories burnt.

Calories are the important number, so it's important to get that number right.

You can also manually change the calorie burn goal to be more accurate to what *you* burn in 300 minutes.

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I know that it's probably more important for your calories burned to match your exercise goal - since that changes the caloric goal in the nutrition tracker - than it is for the time to match. But, I'm a little concerned since my exercise goals NEVER match. For example, my fitbit, stationary bike, and exercise tracker all pretty much agree that I burned about 400 calories 2 nights ago in 30 minutes doing a fairly vigorous bike program.

Sparkpeople is telling me that my goal is 2140 calories/week, but that I have 300 minutes to do it in... which works out to about double the amount of time I would actually burn that many calories in doing that intensity of exercise.

I'm reticent to manually plug in my calories burned, but would that be better? Or should I just ignore the time portion of it and focus on calories? (Or should I (gag) be spending more time on less gruelling workouts?)

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