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1/15/13 12:17 A

RE: Sleezelighting's post: It's clear, if you read her blog, that that number (375) is for FLYING trapeze. The author went to Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle, WA (my favorite rig).

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12/17/12 12:14 P

There is a danger of losing sight of the issue here.

1] You must be fit to be an instructor
2] If you're watching calories then somehow you got over weight.

The answer is simple, keep doing what you're doing but eat less...

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12/17/12 10:28 A

Here's some info I could find about calories burned doing circus arts:

An hour of pole dancing can burn up to 400 calories. (

Based on One Hour of Excerise (
Aerial Conditioning (520)
Trapeze (375) - Unclear if this is static or flying Trap

Aerial Yoga (
Minutes: 60
Calories Burned: 390

Hope this is helpful! BTW, where do you teach?

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11/3/12 2:27 P

Same help as already posted ... buy and wear an HRM.

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11/3/12 9:13 A

I am wondering this also. I just joined and I have a pole fitness class today (for 1 hour) and I'm not sure how to track this. Any help would be appreciated.

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7/24/12 2:27 A

invest in an HRM - that will help determine how many calories you are burning. It might not be exact, but it will give you a ball park

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7/24/12 12:54 A

That's probably not something that's been well studied. In that case you'd be best to wear a heart rate monitor. While it might not be accurate for the strength-type portions, if the class time is a real mix of stuff, it'll give you a better guide than approximating with calisthenics or circuit or something.

However, Spark doesn't usually recommend tracking our jobs as "exercise". In order for exercise to be beneficial to your weight goals it really needs to be additional and challenging, not something you've been doing everyday, and gotten your body very used to doing, through your employment. Tracking work tends to lead to over-counting the actual burn.

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7/24/12 12:51 A

I'm doing aerial silk dance and I was wondering the same, also pole dance. Have you had any luck finding the answer?

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7/23/12 11:42 P

So, I am an aerial circus arts instructor and performer and I teach class, train, rehearse, or take class usually once a day, and I have no idea how to log these classes. Usually a class or training is a combination of cardio and strength stuff, like in an acrobatics class. I do a lot of lifting my own body weight, for example, which is like strength training, but I move around a lot too, which is more like dance. My question is what is closest equivalent exercise in the sparkpeople system for my calorie burn? Rock climbing seems crazy high (like 600 calories an hour, which I'm sure is too much, even though it seems kind of similar) but dance or yoga seems kind of low, as does calisthenics. Any tips would be SO appreciated - thanks!

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