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None of us can tell you that. I burn about 300 to 400 calories in a 45-minute spin class, but even with me it varies becuase of a couple of things:

The instructor. There's one instructor that is far better than the others who will always do a good job of pushing us, choosing good songs, and choosing a good "route" for us.

The intensity I choose. The thing about spinning is that you choose how hard you work. If you turn your dial more one week than do you do the next, you'll burn a different amount of Calories.

So, again, nobody can tell you how much you'd burn. Even knowing your age, height, and weight isn't even enough to give you a good guess. Someone can be your same age, height, weight, and gender and if they have different health problems, or if they have more body fat, or more muscle mass... that will affect Calorie-burning.

All of that being said, on the fitness tracker here on SP, you can select "spinning" and enter "60" for the minutes and it will give you a guesstimate as for how many Calories you've burned.

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How many calories a person burns during spin class will depend on two things, the weight of the person and the intensity at which they are working.

At 132 pounds, you're not going to be burning a substantial amount of calories. A person who is heavier will burn more because it takes more energy to move the weight. Since you don't weigh that much, you won't be burning as much as someone who weighs 200 pounds. Someone who weighs over 200 pounds could burn 600+ cals in an hour of spinning.

In general, I think the Spark count is closer to reality for your weight. I'm roughly 150 pounds and I burn about 350 cals in 45 mins. So, I'd burn around 500 in an hour.

No, I think Spark is closer count and your HRM is off.

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8/6/09 3:31 P

I dont have a HRM and i'm thinking of getting one but in the meantime i wanted to know if there is anyway to calculate how may calories you burn in a 60 min spin class. The classes I take at school are TOUGH i mean that everyone is completely drenched in sweat by the end. Spark says spinning 60 min is 422 calories but it has to be more. when i go on the ellipticle (hard but not as hard as spinning) for 45 min it says i burn 450 cal. I thought a very very hard hour long spin class would be like 500-600 calories? any insight is greatly appreciated.

oh i'm 21 year old female. 5'6 weigh 132lbs dunno if you need that info to calculate what i'd burn.

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