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6/8/13 6:54 P

I think you may be underestimating your calorie burn.

The standard assumption built into Spark is that a sedentary lifestyle burns about 20% in addition to your BMR. Depending on how hard you work it, being even a hobby farmer could burn an additional 10-20% beyond that.

Also, you may want to check some other calculators. 110 calories per mile running is feasible, but it sounds at the lower end, and is worth checking.

I agree with the suggestion of aiming at a slightly slower rate of weight loss in Spark, and then seeing what intake it recommends. Also, have you directly entered 2200 calories in Spark's Exercise Goals, rather than using their minutes/days method.


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6/8/13 5:30 P

It seems like you may need to increase your caloric intake if you are burning that many calories. Look at how many calories you have burned (weekly) over the last several weeks. When you are on the fitness page, click the "change" button next to the number of miles you want to do per week. When that page comes up, one of the things you'll see is the cardio set up. Put in how many hours per day, number of days per week, as well as the number of calories you expect to burn each week. That should then adjust the amount of calories you should consume each day. I hope that didn't sound condescending (trying to be helpful). Anyway, I have found that I burn anywhere from 1,700 to 2,000 calories per week (don't know how accurate it is but it's a guesstimate) and the food tracker tells me to consume between 1,600 and 1900 calories/day. Most days I am on the upper end, but that is ok for me as long as I am getting enough fiber and protein and not getting too much sodium.

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6/8/13 3:45 P

You don't have much to lose, and for you to change to that much exercise and get no nutrition change tells me you've probably set a too-aggressive goal for yourself.

What's your current weekly weight loss goal? At 10-15 lbs, it should be around 1/4 to 1/2 a pound a week.

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6/8/13 3:10 P

I would go to your settings and take a look at a.) your goal date and b.) your fitness settings. I would extend your goal date out and/or update your fitness settings. With that little to lose you will probably eat more than you expect.

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6/8/13 2:21 P

I have recently upped my mileage to 20 miles a week. Based on my garmin, I burn about 550 per run. Weekly I Burn somewhere around 2200 calories. My caloric intake is set for for 1200 to 1550 calories per day. My performance is starting to suffer. Yesterday I was dizzy and light headed most of the day. I think it might be insufficient calories.

I did one of those calculate your resting metabolism things. We run a hobby farm, I have 5 kids so we hardly ever sit down.

Anyone with a similar running program and lifestyle? How many calories do you eat?

I'm only looking to lose about 10-15 lbs.

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