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7/9/14 9:59 A

Good idea. Thanks!

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7/8/14 11:23 P

It sounds like a break of at least a few days is a good idea.

One of the things you are trying to do is to establish long term healthy eating habits, and this is harder to do if you are constantly changing your intake depending on your exercise. But on the other hand if you are doing a lot of exercise then stopping for a while, then your intake may be higher than you need.

Perhaps just eat at the bottom of your recommended range?


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7/8/14 8:58 P

I did the same thing last week and I continued to count my calories and I was fine.

7/8/14 8:52 P

I am hitting a few of the signs that I need to take a week-long exercise break. Workouts have become impossible that I was able to complete fine a week ago, heart rate is getting too high too fast, and I am deeply tired. I usually run twice a week, row once a week, and strength train twice a week. I am thinking of at least taking a walk instead of running and rowing. Anyway... I have only taken a break like that once before nearly six months ago and cannot remember if I adjusted my calorie intake or not. Should i eat less or just like I usually do? Any experience out there with this? Thank you!

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