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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,791
10/4/13 1:48 P

I would update your calories burned goal to reflect how much exercise you're doing, which may or may not change your recommended calorie range. If you've recently made a change to your exercise routine, that can cause your muscles to retain water temporarily- causing an increase on the scale. It should go away within a few weeks, but that could be a reason you saw the increase you did.

Coach Jen

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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10/4/13 12:27 P

Speaking of calories burned will you lose the weight that sparks calculated if you burn the amount of calories or go over the amount of calories, but not hit the time portion of the calculations. I haven't lost weight in three weeks and actually gained a pound back, but managed to stay within my calories every day and burn more calories then the activity trackers had set up. I am confused and getting frustrated about this!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,791
10/3/13 6:02 P

There's not a great way to estimate the afterburn. It's not going to be huge numbers, so I would just consider that a bonus to your daily/weekly goals.

For bodyweight exercises, I would leave the "weight" field blank.

Coach Jen

CBROTHERS0528 Posts: 1
10/3/13 4:23 P

Another question about the Fitness tracker, does the tracker account at all for the after burn of muscle work while muscles recover? Is there any way to track/estimate that?

I was also wondering how to to properly track body weight strength training. I understand where to put the number of sets and repetitions, but should you put anything down for "weight"?

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DANCEMOM1970 SparkPoints: (44,190)
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10/2/13 11:39 P

Sadly, as I've lost weight, I've watched my "calories burned" decrease, sometimes by a lot. That said, I know as I've lost weight, my fitness level has increased so I KNOW I'm working so much harder than I was in the early days. For example, the Zumba class I've been doing for a year: I started off doing every move at about 60% a year ago. No move was high impact and I rarely moved my arms. LOL Now, though....I do almost all of the high impact moves and my arms are fully engaged. So, I try not to take it personally when the tracker doesn't seem to be rewarding me as much as I'd like. I try to focus on what working out is doing for me instead. :-)

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,452
10/2/13 9:26 P

Spark takes the weight for calorie calculations from your last recorded weigh-in.


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,791
10/2/13 7:33 A

It changes depending on your weight.

Coach Jen

DUBGIRL418 SparkPoints: (53,071)
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10/2/13 7:25 A

When we log our exercise into the Fitness Tracker, does it have a standard amount of calories burned for each activity, or does it change depending on the person's weight?

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