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1/7/13 8:04 P

Thank you all for your replies. That helps explain what I had read in the Spark Coach for today.

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1/7/13 7:53 P


Exactly. SparkPeople factors in an active daily living multiplier when it generates your calorie range which is why anything outside 'formal' exercise should not be tracked in your fitness tracker. Doing so may cause a hyper-inflation of your calories expended which may cause a slow-down in your progress.

Coach Nancy

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1/7/13 7:52 P

You can track them in the "steps tracker" portion I think. The SparkPeople program calculates your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) as if you were living a sedentary lifestyle, because most people are when they come on here, and then any added activity counts. Stuff like brushing your teeth, showering, driving, watching TV, cooking, walking to the elevator- those re all "included" already. But, added stuff counts as extra (ie, if you park further away and have to walk further). So, I say, track the steps under the steps tracker portion.

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1/7/13 7:51 P

You can count the steps, but I would not count the calories burned unless you are doing purposeful exercise.

1/7/13 7:30 P

I just read on the Spark Coach that calories burned for regular activities of the day are accounted in my Spark People program. Does that mean that if I use a pedometer to count my steps during the day, that I should not count them in my fitness section of my SparkPeople at the end of the day?

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