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7/16/13 9:47 A

I agree with Coach Jen. It is ACTIVITY that burns calories, not sweating. You are not burning any more fat or calories than the same speed and distance in the cool.

Jockeys, fighters, etc may use sweating and saunas to reduce their water weight to meet a specific weigh-in target, but it will go straight back on as soon as they rehydrate.


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7/16/13 9:00 A

That's good to know, thank you! emoticon

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7/16/13 8:58 A

You're just sweating out water. Any weight you lose from exercising in the heat will come right back as soon as you rehydrate.

Coach Jen

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7/16/13 8:54 A

When you walk in the heat and sweat buckets, are you burning more calories and/or more fat, or just sweating out all your water?

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