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HERA2012 Posts: 43
9/11/12 2:57 P

LIFTWTLOSEWT- Yes I found my calorie information from this site. Actually its 1300-1500 but when I lose more and exercise more I can have more.


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9/11/12 2:48 P

Hera, glad to hear your eating more than you were, still think 1500 cals is low although I don't know your height, age or activity level.

Have you done the calorie calculations that this system provides? Its the Harris-Benedict formula for your BMR. That page has important info on calorie requirements.

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HERA2012 Posts: 43
9/11/12 12:45 P

I am eating 1500 and have added more food because I realized everyone was correct I was not eating enough during the day. I am now though and it feels much better:)

I think I did my tracker wrong or something because 7 pounds is extreme but maybe its because I skipped a weigh in between maybe?

Thanks to everyone for answering me:)


9/7/12 6:32 P

What is your SP calorie range?? 1200-1550??
If you are feeling light-headed, you probably need to be eating more.
I see from your ticker that you have already lost 7 pounds (and it appears to be in a short time period).

I think you need to be eating more food

SP Dietitian Becky

HERA2012 Posts: 43
9/7/12 5:10 P

Oh I "used" to be surpassing now I am spacing it out so I don't feel ill. I eat a mostly plant diet now so no worries on that note:)


HERA2012 Posts: 43
9/7/12 5:06 P

Good idea. i think I might have been off my breakfast calculations and will have a yogurt right now. Thank you:)


CSIENK Posts: 6,721
9/7/12 5:04 P

I've never heard of someone's body 'missing' the extra calories, so I have no clue. How much water are you drinking? More or less than 8 glasses a day? If you're drinking 6-8 glasses of water, I don't think this would cause a problem. What's your SP generated calorie range? Mine is something like 1,250 - 1,500. Maybe you could try eating at the high end of your range for a couple of days and see if that helps. So for me that would be around 1,500 calories. Maybe the extra 100 or 200 calories would be enough. If this continues, you might want to consult with your doctor or, at the very least, a nutritionist.

HERA2012 Posts: 43
9/7/12 4:37 P

It was helpful I think I think I phrased my info wrong though lol.

I used to eat over 3000- more calories per day. I used to eat 1300 or more before lunch. I do eat about 300 calories for breakfast now and my lunch is about 400-450.

I was wondering if its possible my body is missing the extra calories or the increase of water.
Eating healthy is great for everyone I'm sure but I wonder if my body is going into shock i'm not trying to actively gain weight lol


CSIENK Posts: 6,721
9/7/12 4:22 P

To the OP... If I understand what you're saying, you think you probably used to consume your total calories for the day by lunchtime, but now you've cut back to around 1300 a day and are eating a low calorie lunch and breakfast. And you're asking if the reduction of calories (1300 now versus more that in the past) might be the cause of your sometimes wooziness.

While I'm also not a nutritionist, it sounds like a low blood sugar thing to me. Breakfast is your most important meal of the day (I'm sure you've heard that before - you're "breaking" the "fast" from your last meal of the night before). You don't have your trackers available to be seen, so I'm guessing here, but it sounds like your low calorie breakfast and lunch should be increased. Why don't you try eating 300 - 400 of your calories for breakfast? You can then space the rest of your calories more evenly throughout the day to keep a constant blood sugar.

(Some people try to be very even - for example, 300 breakfast, 100 mid-morning snack, 300 lunch, 100 afternoon snack, 300 dinner, 100 evening snack would be 1,200 calories. Others aim for a bigger lunch and a slightly smaller dinner. Play around with it and see what works for you. As a side-note, it's obviously nearly impossible to reach those exact numbers, I just used them as an approximate.)

Does that make sense and/or help?

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GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
9/7/12 4:11 P

Obviously, am not a nutritionist, but it seems to me, if you're surpassing your calories by lunch (I stick between 1200-1500 calories), then you might not be making the best choices. Lots of fruits & veggies, low-fat protein choices, whole grains. At least you're doing well with the water!
For me, I'd dieted so many decades that I followed the suggestions in emoticon & made changes gradually. In the past, I'd go from couch potato/eating everything in sight one day to training like an Olympian & eating 'perfectly' the next. This time, I made gradual changes, eliminating an unhealthy habit very slowly, then adding a healthy one. It was slow going, & it was awhile before I used the Nutrition Tracker (not necessarily a recommendation; just worked for me, since I knew for awhile I'd be over my numbers at first).

HERA2012 Posts: 43
9/7/12 3:56 P

Hello everyone

So I have been having small low calorie meals for breakfast and lunch. I'm trying for 1300-1400 calories per day. I am also drinking lots of water. My question is this is a big change from my mindless eating and could have surpassed the days calories by my lunch. I am drinking lots of water which is really helping with my hunger since I think I was dehydrated most of the time.

I feel kind of woozy at times though. Its better then the stomach pains I was having when I overate and I am convinced I am doing so much better but I was wondering if your body can get accustomed to a certain high level of calories and react when you take them away?

Any info would be great I am feeling so motivated :)


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